New Products

Flooring tiles

CSSI’s Softpave surfacing system features unique built-in cable routing channels on the underside of the tile, according to the company. These channels allow fitness professionals to run cables under the flooring sytem to electrical, interactive equipment and systems monitors anywhere in the facility, eliminating unsightly and dangerous cable clutter. Softpave’s mechanical installation option also allows for quick and easy site enlargement and reconfiguration, permitting equipment to be moved without regard to the location of electrical outlets. Contact: CSSI, 1403 Trindle Road, Carlisle, PA 17013; (800) 851-4746; fax: (717) 240-4602; Circle Reader Service No. 110

Oscillating Device
The B.O.I.N.G. (Body Oscillation Integrates Neuromuscular Gain) is an active oscillating exercise device that provides a combination of isotonic, isometric, inertial and plyometric resistance in both open and closed chain environments. The B.O.I.N.G. can be used to increase muscle strength, stabilization, coordination and flexibility. The handle shape provides for a variety of grip positions and can be placed against a surface for upper extremity closed chain exercises. A new color of upgraded material is now used to ensure consistent oscillations, resistance and durability. Contact: OPTP, 3700 Annapolis Lane, Suite 175, Minneapolis, MN 55447-0009; (800) 367-7393; (612) 553-0452; (612) 553-9355; [email protected]; Circle Reader Service No. 111

Circuit Training Stations
The new Paramount Advanced Performance System—a variable resistance strength training 24-piece circuit—is designed for accurate anatomical fit and performance for every exerciser, from beginners to advanced athletes, regardless of physical size, state company officials. Stable support and comfort are provided by several convenient features including quick-release seat adjustments with heavy-duty linkage mechanisms, contoured lumbar support pads, custom leg pad adjustment assemblies and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Exclusive internal cable housing streamlines appearance and reduces user contact points. Contact: Paramount Fitness Corp., 6450 E. Bandini Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90040-3185; (800) 721-2121; (323) 721-2121; fax: (323) 724-2000; [email protected]; Circle Reader Service No. 112

Back Exercise Unit
The Saunders Group has released the Total Back—an all-in-one active, passive and functional trunk exercise unit. While other exercise units isolate and exercise abdominal and lumbar muscles like the Total Back, the Total Back allows side sit-ups that cause back and abdominal muscles to co-contract functionally, claims the manufacturer. Changing the angle of the table lets the user make the exercise level very easy or extremely challenging to accommodate all levels of conditioning. The Total Back is suitable for both preventive training and for retraining after a back injury. Contact: The Saunders Group Inc., 4250 Norex Drive, Chaska, MN 55318-3047; (800) 778-1870; (952) 368-9214; fax: (952) 368-9249; Circle Reader Service No. 113

Pool/Spa Test Kit
Environmental Test Systems has created a complete commercial liquid pool and spa test kit, MasterTech by AquaChek. MasterTech’s features offer improvements in the field of liquid test kits, states the company. MasterTech features include a comparator with easy-to-read and interpret color matching; flexible, non-brittle caps attached to the comparator; clearly marked expiration dates on every bottle; and on-site mixing of DPD for the freshest possible chlorine reagent. Contact: Environmental Test Systems, P.O. Box 4659, Elkhart, IN 46514-0659; (800) 548-4381 Circle Reader Service No. 114

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