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Harbinger's new adjustable handgrip is a convenient and simple tool that will improve both a client's game and on-the-job performance, according to the company. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit, the grip features easy adjustability. Using the grip strengthens forearms, wrists and hands, helping to prevent the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Harbinger's adjustable grip's simple A-shape design fits the natural shape of the hand. Just place the grip in the palm of the hand, grab hold and squeeze. The grip's spring tension can be adjusted with just a turn of a knob, making it an ideal piece of equipment for all exercisers — from beginners to the advanced weight lifter. Contact: Harbinger, 35 Executive Court, Napa, CA 94558; (800) 729-5954; fax: (800) 729-5947;;

The Xerciser is an upgrade of the original Pilates “Reformer,” offering reportedly improved industrial design, increased functionality and durability. The Xerciser is built to withstand heavy usage in the club market and to accommodate large individuals and professional athletes with increased resistance levels. The machine measures 96 inches (length) by 27 inches (width) by 16 inches (height) and weighs 170 pounds. Leasing and business packages are available; they include in-house certification, equipment and marketing, as well as a five-year warranty. Contact: The Xercise Corp., 566 7th Ave., Suite 701, New York, NY 10018; (800) IMX-1336; (212) 997-5550;

Promoting strength, cardiovascular and functional fitness, Group Free Motion from Ground Zero is based on real-life motions, states the company. The program centers around Ground Zero's newest machine, the Free Motion Trainer. Reportedly allowing group participants to maximize caloric expenditure while improving muscular fitness (strength, endurance, power and flexibility), cardiovascular fitness and functional fitness (core conditioning, balance, coordination, agility and stability), each compact Free Motion Trainer rolls easily, locks securely and stores conveniently. A 20-by-40-foot room can accommodate a Group Free Motion class of 12. Contact: Ground Zero, 1096 Elkton Road, Suite 600, Colorado Springs, CO 80907; (877) 363-8449; fax: (719) 955-1104;

Designed by a registered nurse, this new modular stepper reportedly doubles the movements done on traditional steppers, adding versatility to the aerobic workout. Exercisers move up two levels instead of one, in any direction. The modular steps can be doubled for added height and for storage, and are easily portable. Contact: Modular Steps, 63 I.U. Willets Road, Albertson, NY 11507; (888) 283-6350; fax: (516) 739-2085;;

Everlast Surfacing AccentTile has extended its fitness flooring design and color options with a pallet of nine new vibrant, jewel-tone colors. Total, Everlast Surfacing products come in a choice of 27 color blends. Additionally, Everlast creates one-of-a-kind inlay designs, inspiring logos and unique symbols to personalize your club and create focal points, states the company. AccentTiles consist of 100 percent recycled rubber, making the surfacing products an eco-friendly option for your club. Contact: Dodge-Regupol Inc., P.O. Box 989, 715 Fountain Ave., Lancaster, PA 17608-0989; (866) 883-7780;;

Hy-Lite lightweight acrylic block products offer privacy and light in community pools and health clubs. Decorative, yet durable, these block walls, panels and windows can be created in an array of sizes and shapes. Applications include privacy dividers within fitness areas, backdrops to pool features and changing room partitions. Contact: Hy-Lite Products Inc., 101 California Ave., Beaumont, CA 92223; (800) 827-4920; fax: (800) 827-4920;

Stott Pilates has added five new titles to its instructional video series. Each Pilates video features master instructor-trainer Moira Stott-Merrithew. The new titles include: “Essential Matwork,” “Intermediate Matwork,” “Advanced Matwork,” “22-Minute Matwork for Beginners,” and “Split Pedal Stability Chair Workout.” This second edition of Stott's popular “Matwork” series is categorized by level of exercise intensity and complexity, from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and requires no more equipment than a mat, the company reports. Contact: Stott Pilates Inc., 2200 Yonge St., Suite 1402, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M45 2C6; (416) 482-4050; (800) 910-0001; fax: (416) 482-2742;;

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