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Literature Showcase

Alusuisse Airex AG

The Airex exercise line of mats, balance and hydro-support products offers an attractive design for safe and stable environments, according to the manufacturer. The mats are constructed of light-weight material that has a flat, nonslip, well-cushioned surface that won’t chafe or rub against the skin. The closed-cell structure reportedly makes products impervious to water and easy to keep clean. Circle Reader Service No. 101

Creative Health Products
Creative Health Products is a primary source for skinfold calipers. While the calipers vary considerably in appearance, size, materials, price, etc., most will produce reasonably accurate results if used properly. That's why Creative Health Products handles most brands and at discount prices. Of great importance in the use of any of the calipers is the technique used in measuring skinfolds. It is very important that the proper procedures be used.

Cybex International

Cybex Internation-al has introduced a new high performance treadmill, the Cybex 600T. The 600T treadmill features easy-to-use display, one-button start option, heart rate monitoring, motivating programs and Cybex’s StableFlex system that absorbs shock and offers superior stability, states the company. Additional amenities include a magazine rack, bottle holder and personal-stereo tray. Circle Reader Service No. 103 is a one-stop, online shopping source for various fitness audio/video systems, equipment and accessories. The company offers wireless microphones, headsets, fitness sound systems, stationary cycling and aqua aerobic sound systems, music, pitch controldecks and club video systems. provides free lifetime technical support and relationships worldwide. Circle Reader Service No. 104

K&K Insurance Group
For insurance coverage that fits, K&K Health/Fitness Club Insurance offers health club operators strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Coverage is designed specifically for the health/fitness industry and can include property, casualty, medical professional and participants liability, ex-cess and umbrella coverage, and flexible deductible/self-insured programs. Circle Reader Service No. 105

Life Fitness
Life Fitness added a dual adjustable pulley system to its strength selectorized line. The new offering has two weight stacks of 190 pounds each and two adjustable pulleys that are similar to a cable cross-over, state company officials. It features two pulleys that can be moved from approximately 8 to 84 inches high in 4-inch increments. The item’s resistance ratio can also be adjusted. Circle Reader Service No. 106

Tanita Corp. of America
The new TBF-300GS from Tanita features a 440-pound weight ca-pacity with both adult and athlete modes. The machine automatically prints fat mass, fat-free mass, fat percentage, total-body water, raw impedance, BMR and desirable ranges with up to nine copies. It includes a Goal Setter feature that calculates the amount of fat mass that should be lost or gained to achieve a preselected body-fat percentage. Circle Reader Service No. 107

Troy Barbell & Fitness
Troy’s SupraBar and SupraBar Cable Sys-tem use the biomechanical process of supination to improve strength training benefits. By using movable and rotating grips, all of the SupraBar products isolate exertion to the targeted muscle group while relieving stress on tendons and joints. SupraBar is a free-weight bar designed to work with Olympic weights. The SupraBar Cable attachments hook onto standard cable systems. Circle Reader Service No. 108

True Fitness
The True Natural Trainer (TNT) 2000 treadmill from True Fitness is powered by arm and leg movements. Users can ad-just resistance on-the-fly to create their desired workout level, according to the company. The full-body engagement makes it possible to achieve a total-body workout in 30 minutes with this low-maintenance machine, and users can tone and condition all major muscle groups. Circle Reader Service No. 109

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