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Body Bar

The Body Bar Product Guide and Order Form features storage units, varying weight bars, club packages, and the Master Your Body video series, as well as the Express series. The Body Bar (available in 4 to 36 pound weights) is constructed of solid steel and features an easy-grip, durable rubber coating and end caps. All bars are black and less than 2 inches in diameter.
Circle Reader Service No. 101

Club Runner

The Modular System from Club Runner reportedly embodies all the management features an operator needs to run a club efficiently. The modules include guests, utilities, members, daily backup, inventory and front desk. Real-time processing automatically updates all data throughout the system when the user post entries. Security is assured when the user assigns passwords for levels of access.
Circle Reader Service No. 102

First Filter

First Filter is a premier pre-filter ideal for swimming pools and spas, the company claims. Its synthetic bag lines a traditional skimmer basket, automatically capturing suspended debris and floating oils. The filter prevents hair and pine needles from reaching and binding the pump impeller, as well as sand from reaching and damaging the pump seals and bearings. Additionally, First Filter is reusable up to three years.
Circle Reader Service No. 103 offers club owners start-up and financial assistance; marketing, sales and training; member retention surveys; and member services and ancillary income. With its business strategies and services, owners can plan their annual marketing plan to increase sales, create promotional posters, systemize their outreach box program for one low price, increase member retention, and more.
Circle Reader Service No. 104

K&K Insurance Group

For insurance coverage that fits, K&K Health/Fitness Club Insurance gives club operators strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. The insurance coverage is designed specifically for the fitness industry and can include property, casualty, medical professional and participants liability, excess and umbrella coverage, and flexible deductible/self-insured programs.
Circle Reader Service No. 105

Linear Rubber Products

Linear Rubber Products (LRP) athletic floor mats provide shock absorbers for all commercial, school and home sports facilities. Economical and attractive mats can be installed over wood, concrete, tile and carpeted floors, reducing spots, markings and the damage from the impact of free weights and other equipment. They can also be used under exercise machines to cushion and secure, as well as absorb sound.
Circle Reader Service No. 106


Magnum's Biangular mechanism reportedly creates perfect form through multi-joint, multi-plane movement patterns. This patented technology has been incorporated into Magnum's selectorized and plate-loaded equipment, and is highlighted in the company's latest product catalog. With nothing more than a seat adjustment (in most cases), Magnum Biangular can deliver perfect form for every repetition for any user, according to the company.
Circle Reader Service No. 107

Stott Pilates

Stott Pilates' equipment catalog features its functional product line designed to enhance performance of the full repertoire of Pilates mind/body exercises. Each piece of equipment is versatile, durable and engineered to ensure maximum safety, the company states. The catalog features everything from Stott's Rehab, Client and Professional Reformers, to floor mats, stability chairs, barrels and educational materials.
Circle Reader Service No. 108


The Vert exercise system offers the integration of private training with computerized isokinetic fitness training. The Vert computer-driven, “intelligent” exercise machines control the speed and movement of the workout, record and analyze the results, and keep track of improvements. Furthermore, these machines allow compound function training, with the computer, not gravity, controlling resistance.
Circle Reader Service No. 109

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