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New brochures and catalogs from industry suppliers.

Cardio Theater

Cardio Theater, which recently merged with ClubCom, offers club members a choice of entertainment while they exercise. By simply using headphones, members can select television, radio, CDs and tape players to accompany their workout. Remote control boxes are attached to each cardiovascular piece, and clients enjoy individual services, like volume control and channel selection.
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Checkfree Corp. offers businesses custom-designed solutions for improving cash flow (up to 26 percent), reducing billing costs (as much as 80 percent) and increasing customer retention (up to 22 percent) via a comprehensive electronic payment processing system, states the company. In addition, the company claims to reduce delinquency rates as much as 78 percent.
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Kendall Products

Never worry about wet floors again. The Dri-Dek self-draining floor system is a practical, maintenance-easy surfacing product ideal for locker rooms, showers, pools or spas. Dri-Dek's textured surface not only drains water, but its patented design lifts people above wet floors too. It easily trims to fit wall-to-wall or around equipment and comes in 18 designer colors.
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Life Fitness

Hammer Strength offers a new product brochure highlighting its extensive plate-loaded and Ground Base equipment, as well as its benches and racks. The in-depth brochure includes product specifications, options and colors. The brochure also lists its top customers, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, top collegiate programs and health clubs.
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Linear Rubber Products

Linear Rubber Products (LRP) athletic floor mats provide shock absorbers for all facilities. Economical and attractive, the mats can be installed over wood, concrete, tile and carpeted floors, reducing spots, markings and the damage from the impact of free weights and other equipment. They can also be used under exercise machines to cushion and secure, as well as absorb sound.
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Magnum's Biangular mechanism reportedly creates perfect form through multi-joint, multi-plane movement patterns. This patented technology has been incorporated into Magnum's selectorized and plate-loaded equipment, and is highlighted in the company's latest product catalog. With nothing more than a seat adjustment (in most cases), Magnum Biangular can deliver perfect form for every repetition for any user, according to the company.
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With the NuStep TRS 4000 Seated Stepper, exercisers get a complete, total body workout that they can do while sitting down. The LCD display screen provides time, steps per minute, workload, heart rate and more. The stepper requires no electrical power and has a user weight capacity of 400 pounds. The variable magnetic resistance provides 10 workload levels to accommodate all users.
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The Vert exercise system offers the integration of private training with computerized isokinetic fitness training. The Vert computer-driven, “intelligent” exercise machines control the speed and movement of the workout, record and analyze the results, and keep track of improvements. Furthermore, these machines allow compound function training, with the computer, not gravity, controlling resistance.
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WaterRower's patented Water-Flywheel utilizes a flywheel of moving water to create the workout. The result is a smooth, natural feel, free from any mechanical jerkiness and jarring, states the company. The Rower's stylish design is also space efficient, according to the company, and the unit may be stored upright when not in use.
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