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Wireless CardioTheater Exercise Enter-tainment with up to 52 TV channels offers programs to attract, retain and motivate club members, according to the company. With individual volume and channel controls, and 900Mhz technology, the system offers options that can be customized for any size or type of facility. Headphone sales can also generate a new profit center.

CCSI International Inc.
CCSI’s Atria/Garden Prairie swimming pool enclosures offer an airy and light swimming environment for the indoors. Atria’s opening roof system creates natural air circulation, providing a unique appeal. Materials and designs of the enclosures minimize maintenance. The aluminum frames have powder-coated color and custom designs in freestanding or roof-only applications. Factory assembly is available.

International Tanning
International Tanning Equipment’s catalog features the HEX brand vertical tanning units and accessories. The company claims that each de-tail of the units is carefully thought out, from the dressing room lights to the advanced tanning and the cooling system. No construction or regular maintenance is required on the UL listed units.

Kraiburg offers a full line of rubber gym flooring systems for weight rooms, locker rooms, and aerobic and exercise floors. Kraiburg’s solid rubber black weight plates absorb impact when barbells are dropped to the floor. They also help to extend the life of the weight room flooring and reduce club noise. The athletic-flooring line features zip-structured interlocks that are easily installed.

McArthur Athletic Towel
McArthur Athletic Towels’ Buyer’s Guide features an extensive line of towels, and laundry and hospitality linens. It also includes promotional items and offers fully licensed collegiate, NBA, NFL and NHL logo placement on its product line for awards, special events and pro-shop sales. Customized options are also available. McArthur has been manufacturing quality athletic towels since 1885.

Push Pedal Pull
Push Pedal Pull is a speciality fitness distributor with more than 14 years of service to the national fitness equipment market. With more than 25 retail locations in 13 states, the company specializes in the sales and support of high-quality, brand-name equipment, including models for institutional, rehabilitative and medical settings, at competitive prices. A technical hotline also serves customers after the sale.

Tanita’s new TBF-300GS features a 440-pound weight capacity, with both adult and athlete modes. It automatically prints fat mass, fat-free mass, fat percentage, total body water, raw impedance, BMR and desirable ranges, with up to nine copies. It includes a Goal Setter feature that calculates the amount of fat mass that should be lost or gained to achieve a pre-selected target body-fat percentage.

True fitness
The TNT (True Na-tural Trainer) 2000 treadmill from True Fitness is powered by arm and leg movements. Users can ad-just resistance on-the-fly to create their desired workout level, according to the company. The full-body engagement makes it possible to achieve a total body workout in 30 minutes with this low-maintenance machine, and users can tone and condition all major muscle groups.

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