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Fully Functional Urethane Grip Plates

Ivanko's New Urethane Grip Plates are the answer to what has been a rising tide of requests from its customers for urethane plates that meet certain desirable criteria that have been missing in conventional urethane plates on the market:

a) “Ivanko quality,” because some customers know that Ivanko is a perfectionist

b) “The Ivanko name on them,” because some customers claim it's the only brand with name recognition strong enough to attract new members when used in advertising.

c) “A matte finish,” because some customers don't like the shiny plasticized look of conventional urethane plates

d) “Grip slots entirely around the plate,” because some customers recognize that multiple slots make it easier to lift from any position, are therefore safer, and also better looking.

e) “Urethane plates without an attitude,” because some customers know that urethane is a nice coating, but not on the short list for the Nobel Prize.

f) “A ‘fully-functional’ (round) design,” because some customers have members who want to do repetition power cleans or dead lifts that are not advisable with “semi-functional” (flat-edged) plates.

Ivanko has marketed rubber encased weight plates and dumbbells for more than 20 years. Both rubber and urethane have their strengths and weaknesses, but Ivanko has preferred rubber for a variety of reasons. However, when requests from the field grew to a fever pitch, the company decided it was time to serve the marketplace better by developing what had evidently been missing in conventional urethane plates to date.

During the exploratory phase, Ivanko gained an appreciation for how Thomas Edison must have felt experimenting with hundreds of materials for the light bulb filament until he settled upon tungsten. So it was with urethane. The breakthrough came with the help of Amerityre, who is working with Goodyear to develop the first urethane automobile tire. Suddenly, Ivanko was privy to state-of-the-art urethane chemistry and molding technology. The result is Ivanko's use of high impact urethane in combination with proprietary chem-fused bonding that marries the urethane to the iron plate in a way that is stronger than the urethane itself.

Ivanko does not like to introduce products that are just “good enough” to put out on the market. The company prides itself in serving the marketplace better by constantly redesigning, refining, and perfecting each product in its line. These new Urethane E-Z Lift plates are no exception.


Ivanko Barbell Company was founded by Tom Lincir in 1967, and it is the leading provider of professional and commercial grade barbell and dumbbell products worldwide. Your comments or questions are welcome. Write Tom Lincir at Ivanko Barbell Company, P.O. Box 1470, San Pedro, CA U.S.A. 90733.

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