First Star Trac HumanSport Master Trainers Named

Irvine, Ca — Five individuals completed training to become the first Star Trac HumanSport master trainers in the United States. HumanSport is Star Trac's newest functional integrated strength training line. The new team of experts will act as the company's ambassadors and will share the features of HumanSport programs with Star Trac customers.

During the two-day training, the master trainers received a complete Star Trac indoctrination, as well as an overview of the HumanSport programs. The new team consists of Thomas Tadlock, Roy Khoury, Leslie Davis, Sonja Friend-Uhl and Christ McGarth.

The U.S. team joins an existing team of 20 international HumanSport master trainers throughout Europe and Asia.

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