Club Industry East Product Preview


ASF International's premiere interactive software now offers e-mail reporting, online marketing options, financial analysis and more. The improved ClubPRO 3000 interactive Web features keep owners and managers connected to key business information-anytime, anywhere. Use ClubPRO 3000 to get the latest in technology plus up-to-the-minute information on the status of your accounts and your financial information. Contact: ASF International, 12596 W. Bayaud Ave., Ste. 100, Denver, CO 80228; (800) 227-3859; fax: (303) 986-6813.
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The new Pure Pro Zero Sugar bar, from ABB, is a high-protein, low-carb bar that's also low in fat (only 3 grams) and total calories (240 calories). Each patent-pending, taste-test winning, chocolate-coated bar is formulated with ABB's exclusive 33g Amino Blast II protein, 11g to 12g Glycerol and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, for a complete protein bar for the serious fitness enthusiast. The bars come in five flavors: Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, Chocolate Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Raspberry. Contact: American Body Building, 2002 South, 5070 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84104; (800) 453-9542; fax: (801) 606-5224.
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Aphelion Software offers Back Offices Support Services (BOSS). BOSS combines locally installed software, out sourced bill services and back office staff. Aphelion can oversee a club's billing process from its Houston offices and help eliminate the expense of highly trained personnel. Contact: Aphelion Software, 1100 Nasa Road 1, Ste. 606, Houston, TX 77058; (800) 324-9800; fax: (281) 333-9816.
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BroadcastVision introduced wireless fitness entertainment in 1989 to provide fitness facilities with exercise-friendly workout environments offering multiple entertainment choices. Today, the BroadcastVision Fitness Cinema Entertainment Network enhances the overall workout experience for more than 17 million viewers a day worldwide, according to the company. Choose from three wireless Fitness Cinema systems (Fitness Cinema 900, Personal Fitness Cinema and Fitness Cinema FM) to attract new members, and increase retention and overall profits, says the company. Contact: BroadcastVision, 5126 Clareton Dr., Ste. 60, Agoura Hills, CA 91301; (818) 879-9780; fax: (818) 879-9790;
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The CSI Software Management System specializes in software solutions for multi-functional, membership-based clubs. Products range from member management, front desk check-in, point of sale, accounts receivable, program registration and member billing. The Health Lifestyle Assessment (HLA) covers healthy approaches to life and the use of preventative medical care. Exerdiet software designs a healthy diet. The General Fitness Assessment evaluates a client's level of fitness and designs a fitness program benefiting the client's fitness level. Exerlog helps monitor the fitness program designed from the fitness assessment. Contact: CSI Software, 3120 Southwest Freeway #300, Houston, TX 77098; (800) 246-3431; fax: (713) 942-7731.
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Club Systems introduces Validate v2.0 a state-of-the-art member management software. Validate v2.0 includes front desk check-in, point-of-sale, inventory management, scheduling, prospect, letter writing, and reporting programs. When you use Club Systems processing services you receive this package at no charge, saving 25 percent to 40 percent, states the company. Contact: 77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd, Ste. 210, Sugar Land, TX 77479; (281) 494-8533; fax: (281) 494-9535.
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Ivanko introduces its new rubber E-Z Lift Plates. These rubber plates feature Ivanko's exclusive patented E-Z Lift design. Ivanko's rubber E-Z Lift Plates will not crack, chip, flake, peel, rust or tear like cast-iron painted or other non-rubber plates. Because its plates are rubber, they won't damage floors or upholstery. They also won't dent or scratch equipment. Ivanko's E-Z Lift rubber plates can easily be used with any style of plate racks without worrying about compression dents on equipment frames or other damage that can occur with other non-rubber plates. The E-Z Lift rubber plates, like all Ivanko E-Z Lift Plates, feature openings with a smooth radius and rounded edges for maximum comfort while grabbing the plates. Ivanko Barbell Company, P.O. Box 1470, San Pedro, CA 90733; (310) 514-1155; Fax: (310) 514-1363;;
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RB Rubber Products' 100 percent rubber matting and surfacing are now available in rolls. These rolls offer complete anti-fatigue flooring for clients and equipment protection in high-traffic areas. Offered in solid black or with 17 percent flecks of gray, red, blue, green and blue/gray. Contact: RB Rubber Products Inc., 904 N.E. 10th Ave., McMinnville, OR 97128; (800) 525-5530; fax: (503) 434-4455;;
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The Schwinn Cycling Program evolved indoor cycling programs from a general cardiovascular workout to a focused and defined training ground, focusing on the biomechanics of riding the IC bike, an understanding of cardiovascular systems and a “coaching” philosophy to help participants achieve specific training goals. Contact: 1690 38th St., Boulder, CO 80301; (303) 939-0100; (303) 939-8200;
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The new line of Integra Body Sculpting products comprises six machines. The patent-pending design is both visually appealing and conducive to effective training, states the company. Each product is designed to use closed kinetic chain movement, permitting functional conditioning. The line is specifically designed to address the needs of the women's market, in that the new machines safely and effectively target the areas which women consistently state are their biggest challenges, such as hips, buttocks and thighs. Contact: StairMaster Health & Fitness Products Inc., 12421 Willows Road N.E., Ste. 100, Kirkland, WA 98034; (800) 635-2936; (425) 823-1825; fax: (800) 764-7381; (425) 823-7151;;
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