Club Industry 2001 Exhibitor Preview

Approximately 235 manufacturers and suppliers will be at Club Industry 2001 next month in Chicago showing their wares. Don’t miss out!

Adirondack Rubber Products
Booth 124

Advocare — Independent Distributors
Booth 1409

Booth 365

Affiliated Acceptance Corp.
Booth 349

Agilent Technologies
Booth 772

AGM Group
Booth 783

Allied Van Lines
Booth 672

American Body Building
Booth 1217

2002 S. 5050 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Company statement: For the past 16 years, American Body Building has put its customers' needs first. ABB products are synergistically designed to help your members attain their strength and conditioning goals in the most scientifically sound, efficient, best tasting and convenient means possible.
Circle Reader Service No. 140

American College of Sports
Booth 573

American Council on Exercise
Booth 135

Booth 377

Booth 148

Booth 1070

1100 Nasa Road 1 #606
Houston, TX 77058

Company statement: Aphelion has been a leading provider of innovative management solutions to the health club industry since 1986. Considered one of the most comprehensive management tools, Aphelion supports all aspects of club operation, from the check-in process to billing and collections. The system manages every area in a health club, including the front desk, sales office, managerial office and exercise facilities. A variety of configurations balance affordability with proven capabilities.
Circle Reader Service No. 141

Aqua Massage International
Booth 1366

Booth 785

ARC International
Booth 359

ASF International
Booth 125

12596 W. Bayaud Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80228

Company statement: ASF International offers products and services that integrate with the technological advances of today. ASF provides billing and processing services, ClubPRO 3000 Interactive Management Software, tailored marketing programs, Internet account access, online member payment site and more.
Circle Reader Service No. 142

Aspen Information
Booth 371

Athletic Business
Booth 563

Automated Payment Services
Booth 975

Back Systems
Booth 129

Backmanagement Systems LLC
Booth 264

Balanced Body
Booth 1317

7500 14th Ave. #23
Sacramento, CA 95820

Company statement: For 25 years, Balanced Body has been one of the industry leaders in the design and manufacture of Pilates equipment. The Pilates Club Program is a comprehensive package of equipment, instructor training, support and program consultation. The centerpiece of the program is the Allegro Reformer, which stacks for storage.
Circle Reader Service No. 143

Booth 1441

Ball Dynamics International
Booth 680

Best Lights
Booth 366

Body Bar Systems
Booth 1265

5045 Winship Court
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Company statement: The Body Bar is utilized in a wide variety of workouts. Programs include strength and conditioning, circuit and interval classes, martial arts, sports conditioning, balance and alignment, and flexibility training. All products and programs are supported by the Master Your Body program of videos, master classes and workshops.
Circle Reader Service No. 144

Body Cycle & Millenium Fitness
Booth 1171

Body Invest
Booth 473

Body Masters
Booth 417

Body Time
Booth 372

Booking Plus
Booth 765

Brewer's Ledge
Booth 656

BroadcastVision/Fitness Cinema
Booth 1049

Brown & Brown Insurance of Colorado
Booth 466

Cardio Theater
Booth 937

1380 Glenover Way
Marietta, GA 30062

Company statement: Every member is motivated differently. Cardio Theater motivates them all. Cardio Theater's full line of exercise entertainment systems enable health club members to listen to individually selected audiovisual entertainment choices while exercising on cardiovascular equipment. Members can select any one of up to 52 different audiovisual sources at the touch of a button.
Circle Reader Service No. 145

Cawley Co.
Booth 684

Centaur Floor Systems
Booth 557

Checkfree Corp.
Booth 410

Classic Woodworking
Booth 671

Club Industry Magazine
Booth 1101

Club Marketing & Management
Booth 100

Club Performance Network
Booth 472

Club Systems
Booth 488

Booth 166

1080 E. Indiantown Road #202
Jupiter, FL 33477-5188

Company statement: ClubRunner club management system software was designed by health club management professionals to address the needs of club operators. Since 1985, ClubRunner has made a commitment to product development and customer support, assuring its users that the product they purchase today will not be outdated tomorrow.
Circle Reader Service No. 146

Booth 1407
Booth 116

Computer Outfitters
Booth 771

Booth 261

Booth 1271

CRS Products International
Booth 559

CSI Software
Booth 325

Booth 1105

Cybex International
Booth 519

Cytech GmbH
Booth 1327

Day Spa Association
Booth 385

Designer Whey Protein
Booth 474

Booth 167

Dinoflex Mfg.
Booth 1071

Booth 665

Donald DeMars International
Booth 380

Dr. Smoothie Enterprises
Booth 452

DW Fitness LLC
Booth 281

Booth 138

Environmental Pool Systems
Booth 367

Booth 457

Europa Sports Products
Booth 161

Extreme Blendz Juice Bar
Booth 1371

Fabiano Designs International
Booth 351

Far Infrared Saunas of Illinois
Booth 784

Booth 470

First Credit Service
Booth 363

Fit Gear
Booth 375

Booth 301

Fitness Associates
Booth 937

Fitness Insurance Association
Booth 1259

Fitness Management
Booth 266

Fitness Venture Group
Booth 465

Fitnus Chart Series
Booth 681

Fitter International
Booth 271

Flex Equipment
Booth 1111

FNF Capital
dba Vendor Finance Group
Booth 775

Food Sciences Corp.
Booth 674

Booth 315

Futrex provides quick, accurate, repeatable body fat evaluations with a portable analyzer that directly measures percent body fat using near-infrared light. Futrex's patented technology provides “Gold Standard” accuracy that allows users to conduct convenient, non-invasive body composition analyses on anyone at any time.
Circle Reader Service No. 168

Government Recreation & Fitness
Booth 1172

Ground Zero Design Corp./NordicTrack
Booth 101

Gym Pro Shop
Booth 1165

Hampton Fitness Products
Booth 155

Health & Sports Institute of Chicago
Booth 884
Booth 876

Hoist Fitness Systems
Booth 1353

Booth 871

Hot Skins Bodywear
Booth 476

HRH Insurance Agency of Massachusetts
Booth 673

Icarian/Fitness Products Int'l
Booth 948

Ideal Products Inc.
Booth 1275

P.O. Box 4090
Ontario, CA 91761

Company statement: Ideal Products Inc. manufactures quality wood lockers. Each locker is handcrafted by experts using modern designs that have evolved from 30 years of research and development. Ideal's techno-advanced factory is equipped with the latest in automatic, computer-controlled machinery to ensure precise fabrication of all components and assembly with the utmost integrity.
Circle Reader Service No. 167

Booth 774

Booth 1255

International Fitness Club Network
Booth 1361

1 Financial Plaza #1515
Providence, RI 02903

Company statement: Founded in 1991, International Fitness Club Network is one of the world's leaders in providing networks of health and fitness clubs, and wellness benefits for employers and health insurers worldwide. IFCN contracts with more than 3,000 of the world's finest health clubs, wellness companies and home fitness equipment manufacturers to provide the lowest rates for each of the companies' respective products and services.
Circle Reader Service No. 148

International Tanning Equipment
Booth 1261

Iron Grip Barbell Co.
Booth 549

1567 Sunland Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Company statement: With the introduction of its unique Iron Grip Olympic weight plate in 1993, Iron Grip Barbell Co. established itself as an innovator in the free-weight industry, report company officials. Since then, Iron Grip has strived to improve not only upon existing free-weight designs, but also on its construction, to bring its customers the most cutting-edge products built using the most advanced materials and design technology.
Circle Reader Service No. 149

Booth 660

Ivanko Barbell Co.
Booth 662

P.O. Box 1470
San Pedro, CA 90733

Company statement: For more than 35 years, Ivanko has manufactured a complete line of free-weight equipment for the competition, retail and institutional markets. All of Ivanko's commercial products from its patented seven-opening E-Z Lift plates to its exclusive stainless steel Olympic bars are designed, manufactured and marketed to its strict quality standards.
Circle Reader Service No. 150

Jam'n Fitness
Booth 657

Jenuine Performance
Booth 481

K4 Biometrics Nutrition & Fitness
Booth 1433

K&K Insurance Group
Booth 570

P.O. Box 2338
Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2338

Company statement: Since 1952, K&K Insurance Group has been providing custom insurance products to sports, leisure and entertainment organizations across the United States. Today, as one of the largest managing underwriters in the country, K&K provides specialty insurance products to more than 100 various programs within this industry. K&K offers a complete range of insurance services.
Circle Reader Service No. 151

Booth 275

Keiser Corp.
Booth 631

Kidzpace Interactive
Booth 171

Kiefer Specialty Flooring
Booth 572

Kraiburg Flooring
Booth 149

Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition
Booth 471

Landice Treadmills
Booth 414

Legend Information Systems
Booth 272

Life Fitness
Booth 701

10601 W. Belmont Ave.
Franklin Park, IL 60131

Company statement: Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corp., is one of the global leaders in designing and manufacturing a full line of reliable, high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. Its cardiovascular and strength-training products, including the renowned Lifecycle exercise bike, are used in health, fitness and wellness facilities worldwide.
Circle Reader Service No. 152

Life Measurement Systems
Booth 1349

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Booth 571

M-F Athletics Co.
Booth 676

Magnum Fitness Systems
Booth 737

2201 12th Ave.
South Milwaukee, WI 53172

Company statement: Since 1978, Magnum's philosophy has been to listen to and address customers' needs. Today, the Magnum line consists of selectorized and plate-loaded units that feature Biangular technology, and free-weight and cardiovascular products that provide customers with a large selection of quality-engineered fitness systems.
Circle Reader Service No. 153
Booth 128

Booth 114

Matrix Fitness Systems
Booth 1135

Maui Wowi
Booth 777

Max Rack
Booth 1413

Booth 1359

Medical Graphics Corp.
Booth 1419
Company statement:
NewLeaf Fitness Products is a unit of Medical Graphics Corp., a 20-year leader in VO2 assessment products. Its patented technology has been used extensively to assist in fitness conditioning for professional, amateur and Olympic athletes. Medical Graphics has adapted its VO2 technology to create affordable, easy-to-use products and services for the health and fitness market.
Circle Reader Service No. 154

Medtronic Physio-Control
Booth 973

Booth 1065

Booth 458

Booth 448

1077-B Independence Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043

Company statement: MicroFit helped launch the computerized health and wellness assessment revolution in 1986, and today, it continues setting standards by providing cutting-edge yet easy-to-use software solutions. MicroFit is a privately owned manufacturer of FDA registered medical devices and software products that assess general health, wellness and physical fitness. MicroFit's products are used by some of the world's leading health promotion facilities.
Circle Reader Service No. 155

Micro Touch Inc.
Booth 584

Booth 581

N3 The Shape of Nutrition
Booth 485

National Association of Professional Martial Artists
Booth 1177

National Fitness Financial Systems
Booth 1433

Nature's Best
Booth 585

Booth 719

709 Powerhouse Road
Independence, VA 24348

Company statement: Celebrating more than 28 years of fitness industry leadership, Nautilus features complete lines of selectorized equipment (e.g., Nitro), plate-loaded machines and free-weight accessories.
Circle Reader Service No. 156

Booth 370

Booth 641

Nutraceutical Gum Co.
Booth 136

Omron Healthcare
Booth 970

Onsite Fitness
Booth 1427

Optimum Nutrition
Booth 249

Oreck XL Vacuum
Booth 1277

OSCODA Plastics
Booth 353

Paramount Corp.
Booth 401

Pawling Corp.
Booth 1176

Peak Performance
Booth 311

Peloton Cycle (EJ Enterprises)
Booth 675

Penco Products
Booth 106

Personal Fitness Professional
Booth 130

Personal Training on the Net
Booth 781

PETRA Hygienic Systems
Booth 276

PHI Enterprises
Booth 880

Philadelphia Insurance
Booth 108

Physical Enterprises
Booth 1159

The Pilates Coach
Booth 1431

1141 California Ave.
Reno, NV 89509

Company statement: The Pilates Coach is a progressive company offering Pilates certifications, videos and products. Ac- cording to the company, its educations are of the highest quality and standards, and its focus is directed toward the personal trainer and group fitness leader.
Circle Reader Service No. 157

Planet Protein
Booth 580

Polar Electro
Booth 649

Polestar Education
Booth 1411

Power Systems
Booth 574

Powerhouse Institute
Booth 1423

Precise Exercise Equipment
Booth 565

Booth 501

20031 142nd Ave. NE, P.O. Box 7202
Woodinville, WA 98072-4002

Company statement: Precor is one of the leading innovators of high-quality fitness equipment. Backed by award-winning designs, reliable products and unsurpassed customer satisfaction, Precor has become one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers in the United States. You can count on Precor products to offer your members a total fitness solution.
Circle Reader Service No. 158

Pulse Fitness
Booth 141

Pure Oxygen
Booth 1405

Booth 749

4430 Hollister Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Company statement: Q-Sport LLC is the combined efforts of Queenie Longley, professional fitness trainer, long-distance cyclist and club owner, and her partner Kathy Ojjeh, an international businesswoman. They were passionate about creating and bringing to the marketplace an indoor cycle that had quality and durability, as well as creating a program that is innovative, fun and effective.
Circle Reader Service No. 159

Quantum Fitness
Booth 225

Booth 319

RB Rubber
Booth 1401

Booth 1458

Revgear Sports Co.
Booth 373

Roma Steam Baths
Booth 870

Sales Makers
Booth 112

Booth 881

39111 Paseo Padre Parkway #309
Fremont, CA 94538

Company statement: Salutron Inc. manufactures contact heart rate monitoring chips and sensors that give comfortable, accurate and quick heart rate readings in fitness equipment and watches. Its sensors are capable of continuous readings on more intensive workouts on treadmills at 8 mph. Salutron also provides complete design, manufacturing and quality assurance consulting services for your new product development needs.
Circle Reader Service No. 160

The Saunders Group
Booth 110

Booth 335

Booth 1149

Sebastian Custom Warm-Ups
Booth 1425

Shuttle System by Contemporary Designs
Booth 482

Speed Queen
Booth 267

Spider Court
Booth 971

Sports & Fitness Insurance
Booth 1200

SportsArt America
Booth 958

15500 Woodinville-Redmond Road
Building C #100, Woodinville, WA 98072

Company statement: SportsArt has been manufacturing quality fitness equipment since 1981. In 1998 the entire North American operation was brought under the SportsArt umbrella to capitalize on the brand equity established worldwide. Since 1998 SportsArt has emerged as a leader in product innovation and new product introductions.
Circle Reader Service No. 161

Sports Display
Booth 450

Sports Solutions
Booth 670

SPRI Products
Booth 685

Booth 317

2000 Hamilton St., Suite C200
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Company statement: StageStep specializes in flooring for the dynamic needs of the fitness market. StageStep provides tailored turnkey services — from specification and design to manufacture and installation. StageStep's mission is to help its customers protect their most important asset — their members.
Circle Reader Service No. 162

StairMaster Health & Fitness Products
Booth 901

Star Trac by Unisen
Booth 919

14410 Myford Road, Irvine, CA 92606
Company statement: Star Trac offers a complete line of high-quality fitness equipment, including the new PRO Treadmill, elliptical trainers, bikes, stairclimbers and the new strength-training machine, Thruster. The company also offers two group exercise programs, Trekking and Precision Cycling.
Circle Reader Service No. 163

Steam Sauna
Booth 384

Strive Enterprises
Booth 431

Summit Learning
Booth 874

Susan K. Bailey Advertising
Booth 376

Booth 475

2625 S. Clearbrook Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Company statement: Tanita Corp. is one of the world's leading manufacturer of digital weighing and innovative health monitoring equipment. Its commitment to research and education about obesity has resulted in the development of a line of body composition analyzers.
Circle Reader Service No. 164

Task Industries
Booth 757

Tri Bar Gripping Systems
Booth 255

Trovehl Industries
Booth 126

Troy Barbell & Fitness
Booth 260

2516 Fairway Park Drive
Houston, TX 77092

Company statement: Troy Barbell has been manufacturing and providing the commercial market with free-weight equipment and accessories for more than 20 years. Troy Barbell strives to provide the most reliable, durable and innovative free-weight equipment in the industry.
Circle Reader Service No. 165

True Fitness Technology
Booth 1201

Under Armour
Booth 1354

Universal Nutrition
Booth 770

Versa Climber
Booth 1249

Vita Mix Corp.
Booth 577

Vortex Fitness Equipment
Booth 1449

2130 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19802

Company statement: Vortex Fitness Equipment LLC has introduced its product line as the advanced form of free movement strength systems. It provides fitness equipment that strengthens the body's core muscle structure so that physical performance is enhanced in all areas and for all functions.
Circle Reader Service No. 166

Booth 782

Booth 449

Worldwide Sport Nutrition
Booth 458

Yoga Fit
Booth 873

York Barbell
Booth 235

Youth Fitness Solutions
Booth 104

List current as of Sept. 20, 2001.

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