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Aphelion Fitness Software

Aphelion is the proven leader in the creation of innovative fitness management software.

Aphelion's long-standing record has become the yardstick by which all other fitness management software companies are measured.


Some of Aphelion's top management staff is the same people who engineered NASA's Shuttle and Space Station program. It all started back in 1986 when tree young engineers formed Aphelion Inc. Their mission was to create innovative management software.


Perhaps the reason Aphelion is so inventive is due to its brain power” two PhD's, seven masters degrees and two licensed professional engineers. In all, Aphelion has more than 70 full-time employees striving to make the best management software in the world.

Have we accomplished our goal? Since 1987, Aphelion has had more industry firsts than any other software manufacturer.

This means you get the best management tools to run your business. And you can count on Aphelion to continue to create new software to help run your clubs more efficiently in the future.


Aphelion software is used in more than 2,300 clubs in all 50 states, Canada, Europe, the Pacific Rim, Central America and the Caribbean. Our software is preferred by most health club franchises including World Gym, Gold's Gym and Powerhouse Gyms. Plus, numerous management and consulting firms recommend us including American Club System and CMS Consultants‥


Many of our customers say one of the deciding factors in buying our software is that it's user friendly.


Our software gives you the big picture, plus all the nitty gritty details to run your clubs successfully. The bottom line is your clubs will make more money using our software for several good reasons.

It will help lower your operating costs, reduce your paperwork, smooth out your cash flow, retain employees and members, help get new members and ensure reliable cash flow.

1100 Nasa Road 1, Suite 606
Houston, TX 77058
Phone: 800-324-9800; 281-333-9800
Fax: 281-333-9816
Circle No. 150 or visit

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