Add some water to your health club and watch it grow.

If your health club isn't making money off water, you're missing out on tapping a great source for additional income. SwimEx, the innovative leader in aquatic training equipment, can help you get on board by offering of a variety of ways to create a whole new revenue stream revenue for your health club. If you already have a pool at your facility, you'll find SwimEx's revolutionary SPT Aquatic Treadmill to be a liquid asset that will allow you to feature “pay as you go” group programs and classes. However, if you don't have a pool and want to put every square inch of your club to good use, SwimEx also manufactures the most technologically-advanced conditioning and therapeutic pools that offer both economy of size and price - making our models a perfect fit for any size health club.

For more information, call SwimEx at 800-877-7946 or visit

373 Market St., Warren RI 02885
Phone: 800-877-7946
Fax: 401-245-3160
Circle No. 171 or visit

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