New Hampshire Based Planet Fitness Franchise Group Latest to Install GymValet Equipment Cleaning System


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GymValet, the equipment cleaning supplies holder that attaches directly to cardio, strength and functional equipment, as well as a variety of other gym surfaces, has recently been installed as the equipment cleaning system of choice in four Planet Fitness facilities in Northeast Ohio owned by the New Hampshire based Davis/Rondinone Group.  The Davis/Rondinone Group joins Michigan based Cambridge Investors and Pennsylvania based Marathon Fitness Management Group in their commitment to GymValet’s spray bottle and reusable towel based equipment cleaning system.  In total, GymValet Equipment Cleaning Systems are currently in use in over 30 Planet fitness facilities in five states.

The Davis/Rondinone Group’s newest facility, in Streetsboro, Ohio, held its Grand Opening on May 15, 2018, with GymValet’s inventor, and President, Dr. Bruce Sherman, participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony.  “It was an honor to be asked to take part in the ceremony,” Dr. Sherman stated.  “It shows just how important providing Planet Fitness members with clean and safe equipment, in the most convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly way possible, is to the Davis/Rondinone Group, as well as the other Planet Fitness groups that have also incorporated GymValet based cleaning.”  Sherman continued, “The ribbon cutting honor was even more special since the GymValet was invented, and my company, B & D Specialty Concepts, Inc, is headquartered, about 10 miles from the Streetsboro facility, in Shaker Heights, Ohio!”

The Davis/Rondinone Group, led by Managing Partner Jeff White and Regional Manager Carl Poghen, chose to install 100 or more GymValets in each of their facilities, based on their desire to put equipment cleaning supplies within arm’s reach of every piece of equipment.  Providing convenient, safe and effective cleaning for their members with the prospect of saving up to $25,000 per year, per club, in disposable paper costs by incorporating the GymValet system was their goal and it appears that it is mission accomplished.  Mr. Poghen, who is very familiar with Planet Fitness’ more commonly used wastebasket or wall mounted disposable roll paper towel system noticed immediate improvement in the equipment cleaning environment with the GymValet system in place, “[It is] absolutely a mind blowing difference from paper and not one complaint about the validity of the [GymValet] system and the science behind it.  Poghen also says he does not miss the never-ending bits of paper towels on the floor and the paper dust that accumulates on surfaces throughout the gym.


The GymValet was invented and commercialized by Shaker Heights, Ohio, Exercise Physiologist Bruce Sherman, Ph.D. Since 2006, GymValets have been attached directly to equipment conveniently positioning equipment cleaning and sanitizing supplies within arm’s reach of exercisers, and can currently be found in almost 3,000 health and fitness facilities, representing all sectors of the industry, across the United States, Canada and around the world. 

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