New Education Company, CAWS, Launches With Programme To Prepare Clubs And Trainers For Working With Clients Who Have Had COVID-19

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New education company CAWS has announced its first online education programmes for clubs, coaches, and trainers; preparing them to work with members and clients recovering from COVID-19, and other at-risk groups. 

Established in June 2020, CAWS creates online content, courses and curriculums specific to the needs of the fitness sector workforce. 

The company’s philosophy is to draw upon the core principles of elite sport, sport science and medicine and apply them to the education needs of commercial fitness. 

The official Global launch of CAWS is July 2020, and the company will unveil three flagship programmes: 

Rebuild™ — Built to better inform, educate, and prepare coaches and trainers for when dealing with new or existing members that have been affected by COVID-19. This programme will enable coaches and trainers to successfully respond to people who are seeking guidance, and support in the wake of their illness. The role of the coach is to consider not only a person’s fitness goal, but also their current physiological and physical status; how intelligently we manage a person’s rehabilitation from COVID-19 will directly shape their recovery, future health, and exercise success.

Rebound™ — During COVID-19 Lockdown, many regular gym members have been at home with limited or no access to fitness equipment. Those who regularly participate in fitness, or train hard with a specific goal in mind, will be concerned that they have lost some of their fitness, and will be keen to get back to their 'usual condition.’ At the same time, the health warnings and financial stress brought on by COVID-19, will prompt some individuals to re-evaluate their investment in a gym membership, personal training, or themselves. Rebound™ provides trainers and coaches accessible, proven templates and strategies, to provide tangible progress and markers of success for individuals looking for results at a time when value-for-money and health are equally high priorities. 

Fortitude™ is 2020’s guide to mastering behaviour change with ‘Vulnerable Groups’. This group has never really had a relationship with fitness or exercise, but they have felt vulnerable since the outbreak of COVID-19 (due to underlying medical conditions, or co-morbidities). They want to feel stronger in the event of a 'next time’ scenario, by improving their health and resilience. Current indicators from the World Health Organisation strongly suggest an increased value related to health and fitness across the general population since the onset of COVID-19. Fortitude™ equips trainers with the tools and knowledge required to serve this population of newcomers, some of whom will be living with potentially complex health conditions, and who are likely seeking professional fitness advice or a gym membership for the very first time. 

Each programme features original content: real-life cameos from those recovering from COVID-19, everyday people living with disease, global experts from elite sport, medicine, resilience, and mental health professionals, and industry favourites including EXOS.

The Team behind CAWS

CAWS is head-up by Doctor Colin Robertson and leading industry professional Mel Spooner

Dr Col has 25-years hands-on experience in elite sport, clinical practice, disaster medicine, and in tackling disease, and is best-known for linking the evidence base of elite sport science and clinical health practice to every day exercise activity and nutritional behaviour. As a senior lecturer at the highest level, and a gym owner, Dr Col is well placed as CAWS’ Education Director. 

Mel Spooner’s 14-year career in fitness includes roles at major brands including Technogym, TRX and MYZONE, and most recently overseas projects for Stages Cycling and David Lloyd Clubs through the work she does with TPN International. Mel is world-renowned for bringing together key networks and partnerships to solve business challenges on behalf of the companies and fitness professionals that she works with. 

The team have an established road map for 2020 and will announce their next four education programmes focused on programming, health, fitness business, and vocational training later this year.

The Reality of COVID-19 and Preparing the Workforce, July 24

Dr Col and Mel will discuss the reality of COVID-19 as it relates to the recovery and health of the individual, and how we can best prepare the workforce to deal with this novel group at this year’s ukactive Active Uprising event, which will be delivered online for the first time this July. 

As Dr Col explains: “Our driving belief is that health, wellness, and fitness are the building blocks of a life worth living, and that everyone - regardless of their personal circumstances - has the right to receive the absolute best levels of support and guidance when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes. The fitness industry is a vital industry, and the only industry that can breed a culture of health and hope that people can rely on, and that can make all of our futures brighter." 

A contribution from every monthly CAWS subscription is reserved to fund projects for Vulnerable Groups, and rebuilding the fitness industry. 

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