Matterhorn Fit Launches Franchise Opportunity

Matterhorn Fit, a provider of neurologically based rehabilitation and training services co-founded by former professional hockey player Ryan Vesce and professional athlete strength coach Sean Sullivan, has announced its plans to franchise across the country. With a pain management market totaling over 75 billion dollars in 2023 according to Mordor Intelligence, Matterhorn Fit says that it is "uniquely positioned to shake up the traditional rehabilitation and fitness industry and make a significant impact for people in pain."

Matterhorn Fit says that its success centers around its proprietary method of pain relief, rehabilitation, and performance. The Matterhorn Method has been credentialed by more than 70 professional athletes, including 11 Olympians, and thousands of individuals across Southwest Florida. Using a sequenced blend of neuropriming, plasticity, identification of the root cause of pain, reinforcement and strengthening, the Matterhorn Method delivers lightning-fast results and prevents pain from returning. 

“We took learnings from our experience in professional sports and shaped those into an integrated program that gives everyday individuals access to the same process used by the best athletes in the world,” said Vesce. “The Matterhorn Method is unlike anything you will find at a traditional rehab or training facility. What distinguishes us is the process and the speed of healing. Over 94% of our clients have reported a major reduction in pain within two weeks.” 

“The Matterhorn Fit team brings together proven neurological practices and applies them in a cohesive process for the everyday person in pain,” said translational neuroscientist Dr. Erin Edwards. “Their team identifies where the brain and the body are no longer communicating, and then develops a personalized program based on that client’s neurological system. When you challenge the brain and the body, you can prevent compensatory patterns from returning and achieve longevity of health. That is exactly what they are doing.” 

For prospective franchise partners, Matterhorn Fit says that it offers a differentiated and innovative process, strong industry demand, a cohesive business model designed to address all three aspects of the healing process: pain relief, rehabilitation and personal training, and an inspiring culture. 

“Our decision to franchise is rooted in our commitment to share our deep knowledge and experiences with individuals to help them recover quicker and strengthen their bodies. We inspire hope to many who have lost it,” said Vesce. “We’ve spent the last year systematizing our operations, culture, technology, communication and extensive on-site and virtual training to provide our franchise partner with tools to deliver our proven system to their market.” 

Matterhorn Fit is eager to expand its presence by offering franchise opportunities to passionate operators across Florida markets including Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, Ponte Vedra, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, and Tampa Bay, with the goal of expanding across the nation. The brand is looking for franchise partners who share the company’s mission, desire to embody the corporate culture, and possess a passion to improve lives. The ideal candidates will be highly involved owner operators with professional backgrounds such as athletic trainers, physical therapists, entrepreneurs, former pro athletes, or doctors. The initial investment, including the franchise fee, for a Matterhorn Fit location ranges from $263,627

About Matterhorn Fit

Founded in 2018, Matterhorn Fit is a first-to-market, rapidly expanding provider of neurological rehabilitation and fitness services that is shaking up the traditional rehabilitation industry. Through the massive success of its proprietary Matterhorn Method, the company delivers lightning-fast outcomes for people across all ages and abilities. Matterhorn Fit has been transformative for professional athletes, Olympians, and everyday active individuals. For more information, visit