Introducing Sub Guru, Your Instructor Substitution Solution

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March 22nd, 2019. Lincoln, Nebraska -- Sub Guru, LLC was founded by sisters-in-law Sarah Rasby and Andra Rasby in 2018. Inspired by a yoga studio owner, Sub Guru (“SG”) is a customizable management solution that automates the entire instructor substitution process. The user-friendly software was built as a business management software solution for small boutique and mid-size fitness studios.

The U.S. fitness industry generates approximately $30 billion annually and is expected to grow 2.6% globally. 69.9 million fitness clubs served 38,477 members in 2017 and 26% of those members engaged in group fitness classes. However, fitness studio managers all face the same frustration when it comes to the substitution process.

As 2 female entrepreneurs from Nebraska, Sarah Rasby and Andra Rasby recognized a gap in the industry and developed a solution - enter Sub Guru. They sought out not only to design a software that addressed their needs and those of fitness studio owners but also to create a social impact company. Through Sub Guru’s partnership with Humanity United, a nonprofit that supports female entrepreneurs in Rwanda, the Company, its users and partners simplify their subbing process and contribute to the success of other women’s endeavors.

A key differentiating factor for SG is its integration with the MindBody platform. Owners, Managers, and Members can see all schedule changes as they’re made and will receive push notifications as sub requests are approved. Studio Owners or Managers select a substitute instructor based on class style, availability and experience level. Pools allow you to select your preferred substitutes and send out the request in a streamlined, systematic order.

Sub Guru’s tools empower studio owners threefold: (i) provide consistent high-quality customer service through thoughtful communication; (ii) develop well-informed internal systems from trackable data; and (iii) grow community and enhance team collaboration.

Sub Guru is offering an introductory 21-day free trial for all subscriptions, followed by tiered monthly subscriptions, ranging from $40 for 1-10 instructors to $170 for 201+ instructors.

SG launched with two studios: Bounce Fitness based in Orange County, CA and House of Lotus Yoga based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The team worked with Nebraska-based software solutions company, Deliveron, to develop the Sub Guru mobile application.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development awarded a Business Innovation grant to assist SG’s product development and launch. “Nebraska is a state that values entrepreneurship and innovation,” said Department of Economic Development Director Dave Rippe. “The Business Innovation Act gives us a set of tools — in this case, the Prototype Grant Program — to turn those values into action. Our congratulations to Sub Guru on their success and growth.”

For more information, contact the Sub Guru team at [email protected]

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