International Launch of the CSE Wall Series Product Range


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CSE Entertainment Ltd. launches the brand new CSE Wall Series product range at Future Fitness Lab, part of Fitnessfestivalen in Stockholm, Sweden. CSE Wall Series includes products for exergaming and rehabilitation, designed and developed in cooperation with professionals in sports and fitness as well as therapists.

Products include iWall, tapWall and rehabWall.

All games in the Wall Series are designed for specific purposes. They offer body and brain exercises, ways to improve your cardio, balance, coordination, muscle strength, eye-hand-coordination, reaction time, agility, visual tracking, sequencing and memory skills.

iWall is a fun and versatile exergaming product that lets you become a part of the game. Playing is easy and motivating for both kids and adults, and thanks to its diverse game content, iWall can be used for efficient exercise, training, a simple workout or just for family fun. Your body is the only controller you need.

tapWall provides touchscreen games for all ages. Interactive games challenges the player to use body and mind and tapWall helps you improve a wide range of skills, including reaction time, agility, coordination, visual tracking, sequencing and memory skills. It´s a great solution for activating your upper body and relieving tension in your neck and shoulders.

rehabWall is an innovative product for multi-professional rehabilitation. Making personal

and tailor made rehabilitation programs is easy. The therapist has the option to set the level and duration of the exercises based on the client’s condition and needs. Games include exercises to rehabilitate the symptoms of paralysis, reduced body control as well as muscle weakness. With direct feedback as well as easy access to stored data, rehabWall gives you a great tool to help improve your client's condition.

High in demand with great feedback

Our games are high in demand, and we are receiving fantastic feedback from both our clients as well as the players. Päivi Kivimäki, Entrepreneur and owner of the Sports and Fitness Center Klub1 in Jyväskylä, Finland -  “iWall brings the long-needed variation to our adult customers’ workout but it’s also a great way for adults and children to exercise together”.

Our clients are very pleased to have something totally different and new to offer to their customers,  and with over 80 000 games played in the last two months, we are confident that our products are making a difference.

Exergaming and research

According to a study by Manchester University (link to the full study in the end of this press release), active games improve memory and brain health. Exergaming is now an increasingly popular tool to combat cognitive decline as the games can affect overall brain functioning in a positive way. This, combined with the in-game physical exercise, is a great and innovative way to help battle a lot of the problems patients are dealing with today.   

Join us at Fitnessfestivalen

The innovative CSE Wall Series product range will be presented to international audiences at the inaugural Future Fitness Lab, a VR fitness event organized as a part of Fitnessfestivalen, Northern Europe's largest fitness trade show, at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö, Sweden.
Doors are open from December 1st - 3rd.

Sales Area - A19:03 - Demo Area A17:01

Please contact us for more info on tickets etc.

CSE Entertainment is a Finnish company with main focus on developing world class virtual reality and interactive exergaming products for sports, wellness and rehabilitation. We are dedicated to create innovative active gaming products that offers an alternative to traditional workouts and inspires people of all ages to exercise and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Our ambition is not only to get people to exercise, but to make them enjoy and love it.

CSE has now taken a strong position as a world class exergaming products developer and we are both excited and super motivated to continue developing amazing interactive products that helps improving people's lives.

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