Hyfit Launches Next-Gen IoT Personal Smart Gym at IHRSA 2018


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The Latest Technology in Wearable Fitness Tracking Combined With Tension-cord Exercises Provides Personal Training and Body Analysis in One Innovative Package

SAN DIEGO - March 23, 2018 -  Launching this week at IHRSA, 2018, Hyfit is the world’s first wearable IoT gym that brings a new level of technology to fitness tracking and personal exercise training. Forbes positively reviewed Hyfit’s resistance bands, IoT tracking, and wireless charging and calls Hyfit, “a smart piece of workout equipment that is adapting to the hyper-connected world we live in.” Hyfit consists of a wearable fitness tracker integrated with customizable tension cords that deliver a full body workout program guided through more than 250 specialized video tutorials. The product launches today on Kickstarter and will begin shipping next month, in April 2018. Early backers can pre-order the gym at a significant discount.

Leveraging the latest in wearable health technologies, Hyfit combines essential accelerometer readings with deeper analysis of body tension, strength building, BMI, fat burn, calorie burn, heart rate and other critical measurements of your exercise progress. The unique tension cord design combines aerobic exercises with strength training, providing a fully versatile personal gym in a small, transportable package usable in any environment as displayed in the Hyfit product launch video. Hyfit Co-Founders Guy Bar and Dan Strik recently moved the company to Los Angeles. Bar was an avid TRX user before starting a fitness equipment business, and then decided to develop a product infused with modern technologies. “IHRSA is the best place in the world for us to launch our new product. Hyfit gives the user more insight and detailed information on how their workout affects their body -- and what results they are achieving each day -- than any other wearable exercise product to-date,” said Bar. “Combining the most advanced fitness measurement technology with the convenience and versatility of tension cord training, we were able to create a truly portable and comprehensive personal gym experience that can be used anywhere, any time.”

Hyfit’s unique features include:

  • Full Body Workout: The Hyfit system can be used for more than XYZ exercises, targeting every muscle group and serving every fitness objective possible. Through its in-depth training content and frequent new releases, users and professional trainers can share their favorite routines and exercises through the Hyfit app.
  • Tension Tracking: Hyfit is the first device to accurately measure strength impact from resistance training with tension cord systems. The wearable device can physically gauge the impact each exercise has on your body, warning against overexertion while encouraging gradual increase in resistance to improve results over time.
  • Versatility: Hyfit’s unique design allows any environment to become a workout center. Tension cords can be attached to any object or surface for targeting specific muscle groups with a wide range of resistance settings to increase weight and difficulty.
  • Connectivity: Hyfit charges wirelessly and includes a bundled app with hundreds of different exercise programs. Collaborative video groups create virtual training classes, and new sponsored content is frequently released from professional trainers and exercise personalities.

About Hyfit:

Hyfit’s mission is to become the future of how people incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. Its integration of a wearable device with a portable and compact piece of equipment that can be taken anywhere, helps to keep users motivated. With a customized update to the traditional gym environment, Hyfit goes where you go with technology that is able to track your progress in real-time, ensuring you get the best feedback and make the most of your workouts.

Hyfit is available now on Kickstarter.

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