FitMetrix And Perkville Announce New Partnership For Fitness Facilities

ATLANTA - FitMetrix, an Atlanta-based fitness tech software provider, is pleased to announce its new partnership with customer loyalty program, Perkville. By providing a custom workout experience for gym members that tracks results in real-time, Fitmetrix’s completely customizable platform provides gym owners with the ability to tailor the platform to fit their specific needs to better serve their members. With the integration of Perkville’s point-based reward system, Fitmetrix will allow gym-goers the ability to monitor and reach performance milestones tracked through their app, achieving various intervals of reward points.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Perkville,” says FitMetrix CEO and cofounder, Monica Dioda. “Our technology is structured to help gyms provide an accurate tracking of workout performance to members, and this partnership brings the motivation of a personal trainer to the platform so members are rewarded for pursuing a healthy lifestyle.”

The integration between Perkville and Fitmetrix not only aids in member engagement, new referrals and overall retention for gyms, but also boosts morale and engagement for consumers who utilize the system. Clubs also have the option to create facility-wide challenges that members can join and track their successes from their smartphones. Points redeemed through the program can be used for rewards at a particular gym or studio, or even at other participating local businesses like restaurants in the surrounding area.

“We’re very impressed with the Fitmetrix-Perkville integration,” says Perkville founder and CEO, Sunil Saha. “Members utilize Perkville’s gamification abilities as well as referral capabilities natively within FitMetrix’s app without any additional login, which provides a seamless best of breed solution for health clubs.”

The entire process is seamless for users, and points are displayed, accumulated and redeemed all in one place through the gym’s app powered by FitMetrix. One of the first gyms to integrate this new experience is THE WALL, a facility that focuses on encouraging their members’ limitless potential.

“We know our clients are tech savvy, and we want to make their experience as seamless as possible,” says Jason Wimberly, founder and master instructor at THE WALL. “Fitmetrix has been extremely helpful in providing our clients with an on-brand dashboard and interface, and now with the addition of Perkville, we are able to reward our clients through a fully integrated platform.”

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About FitMetrix

FitMetrix is cutting edge technology that provides gym members real-time tracking of their effort, whether in a class or
working out on their own. Founded in 2013 by Monica Dioda and Josh Lloyd, FitMetrix has revolutionized technology in
the fitness industry. The state-of-the-art software platform is completely customizable, providing gym owners the
opportunity to brand their leaderboards and front-end user system. The platform is also compatible with most heart rate
monitor or fitness tracking product, allowing for complete syncing of information no matter the preferred method.
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