Deputy Announces AI-Driven Auto-Scheduling To Optimize Hourly Worker Shifts in a Single Click


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Easily Generates Legally Compliant, Streamlined Schedules Based on Multiple Demand Signals

ATLANTA—May 10, 2018—Deputy, an award-winning workforce management software platform, today announced the release of Artificial Intelligence-powered Auto-Scheduling to enable businesses with hourly workers to quickly and easily create, optimize and fill legally compliant schedules across industries such as restaurants, fast food, healthcare, staffing and franchises.

Available now in the Deputy App, Auto-Scheduling uses AI to build the ideal schedule based on data analytics from multiple demand signals likes sales, foot traffic numbers, table reservations, and more. The feature optimizes demand forecast and creates a custom labor recipe that puts the best person in place for every shift, based on scheduling rules customized to businesses priorities.

“There’s too much complexity and too little time to consider everything that goes into creating a workforce’s schedule, including labor laws, predictive scheduling laws and employee scheduling conflicts, not to mention time and cost optimizations for each shift,” said Ashik Ahmed, CEO and Co-Founder, Deputy. “This results in suboptimal schedules that cost businesses time and money while creating significant compliance risk, which can result in hefty fees. In an age of ever-changing regulations, on a local, national and global level, Auto-Scheduling returns control to manager’s fingertips.”

Deputy Auto-Scheduling removes scheduling obstacles to empower businesses and franchises to stay in line with complex scheduling laws while making life easier for both managers, traditionally in charge of creating complex schedules, and their hourly workers.  Capabilities include:

  • One-Click Scheduling - Save time, money and energy while creating the best schedule for your business and employees.
  • Auto-Fill - Once you add rules based on your company’s regulations, Auto-Scheduling allows for custom shift structures that accommodate preferred shift length, start times and more. With the ability to copy and learn from previous schedules, Auto-Fill creates a new schedule with the click of a button.
  • Accurate Labor Forecasting - Set priorities, like lowest cost, shift equality or matching past preferences, and Auto-Scheduling will fill your schedule with the best team to match your business needs.
  • Compliance - Violations of wage and hour laws are one of the largest risks employers face. Create optimized, legally compliant schedules every time to stay in step with changing regulations without worry.

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About Deputy

Founded in 2008, Deputy is headquartered in Atlanta, U.S., and Sydney, Australia, with offices in the United Kingdom and the Philippines. As the ultimate workforce manager, and an Apple Mobility Partner, Deputy offers best-in-class technology in a cloud-based solution that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasking and other employee communication. This, coupled with brilliant mobile apps and one-click payroll integration, equips business managers with the tools they need to get out of the back office and into the action. More than 70,000 workplaces in 80 countries use Deputy to manage their employees. For more information, visit and follow @DeputyApp.

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