The Covery Seeks Expansion Through Highly Anticipated Franchise Opportunity

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Revolutionary healthcare brand offers new franchise opportunity as it continues to increase domestic footprint

Baton Rouge, LA – With increasing consumer demand for performance and wellness services, The Covery Wellness Spa is a brand committed to offering a diverse collection of non-invasive therapies that strengthen both the mind and the body. The brand is looking to continue its expansion by offering retail franchise opportunities across the United States; including the opportunity for conversion of brands to The Covery Wellness Spa, as well as footprints inside of health clubs across the country. With a flexible footprint to accommodate a variety of spaces and investment levels, The Covery Wellness Spa offers an attractive selection of investment levels. This news comes at a time when the health consciousness of Americans is continually on the rise and is the perfect opportunity for the right entrepreneur.

The idea of The Covery started in early 2019, as the fitness industry continually grows to embrace trends such as HIIT, Yoga, and Pilates programs. The Covery Wellness Spa recognized that recovering from these workouts were just as important as the actual workout itself. This concept quickly leaped from those who work out, to everyone and the natural stresses in their daily lives. The Covery views everyday life as a sport, so people should have the opportunity to recover just as athletes do. For those that own a business, or are managing others, or just dealing with the stresses of everyday life, mental and physical recovery is essential to performance. With this consideration, The Covery wanted to expand what recovery and wellness could be, including services ranging from aesthetics, wellness, and performance optimization.

“The Covery Wellness Spa is disrupting the fitness and wellness space,” said Edward Navan, Co-Founder and CVO of The Covery. “Offering franchise opportunities with The Covery will make wellness and restorative therapies accessible to communities across the country.  The services offered by The Covery Wellness Spa are truly life changing; we can make a positive impact on everyone that walks through our doors, helping craft the desired outcome from the myriad of therapies we offer our clients.” 

The Covery is a game changer for quality of life and quality in life. Stress is a common thread for every individual, and for many, their stress increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress can manifest itself mentally or physically - or both. The reality is, it affects everyone a little differently, but one stress tends to lead to another. It was during this time that the brand made the pivot from a recovery based concept to an overall health and wellness concept. The Covery focuses on aesthetics, overall wellness, and restorative therapies. If you look better, you tend to feel better; if you move better, you tend to have more energy; and if you have a clear and focused mind, you can optimize performance at any level.

“The Covery possesses the knowledge and technology to help guide its members to utilize the services they need,” said Troy Archer, Co-Founder of The Covery Wellness Spa. “This complex recovery technology has the ability to consistently improve health, creating a journey more so than a one-time experience.”

The Covery Wellness Spa currently has three locations open in Baton Rouge, LA, Denham Springs, LA, Gonzales, LA, and additional locations in development in Baton Rouge, Mandeville, and Lafayette, LA. In the spring, franchise locations open in Baton Rouge, Mandeville, LA, Huntsville, AL, Tampa, FL, and Dunedin, FL. The brand is looking for franchise partners across the United States with a goal of awarding 60 licenses by the end of 2022. As the brand begins its franchise expansion, it is actively seeking multi-unit franchise partners that are passionate about health and wellness and want to bring restorative therapies to new communities. The initial franchise fee is $39,900 for the first location.

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About The Covery

The Covery is a destination for IMMERSIVE Wellness. Our mission is to keep our members and communities healthy and productive through a variety of services for the Mind and Body. More than ever, Immunity and mental health are the key factors for a healthy lifestyle. At The Covery, we help you understand and formulate a plan to best boost your feelings of well-being and overall health. We believe that business and everyday life is a sport, and treating yourself to recovery is essential; because a healthy and rested mind and body will not only keep you in the game, it will keep you in the lead. For more information about The Covery please visit: