Core-Tex Sees Growth in Fitness Clubs and Physical Therapy Facilities; Readies to Launch Core-Tex Sit and Golf-Specific Applications in 2018


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SAN DIEGO, January 30, 2018—Reactive Training, LLC, San Diego-based health and fitness technology company and creator of the Core-Tex, announced today further expansion into fitness clubs and physical therapy facilities, bringing its reactive training device to professional and recreational athletes and patients around the globe. The company doubled its international sales year over year, now serving professional and recreational athletes, fitness and rehab facilities through new partnerships and collaborations, and is preparing to launch its new Core-Tex Sit and golf-specific applications in 2018.

Launched in 2009 by recognized fitness expert and best-selling author Anthony Carey, M.A., CSCS, MES, the Core-Tex combines dynamic strength, cardiovascular endurance, razor sharp reaction, flexibility and balance into one design, creating the optimal training environment. The Core-Tex is specifically designed to provide a multi-dimensional reactive training challenge. Its patented design allows the base to move like no other training environment and it is the only product on the market that simultaneously tilts, slides, and rotates at an unrestricted 360 degrees, allowing for an almost infinite number of movement combinations. The Core-Tex is used in physical therapy clinics, athletic training facilities, hospitals, universities, professional sports teams, private studios, and health clubs worldwide.

The recent handrail and heavy-duty base addition to the original design, along with a new platform for evaluation and coaching tools, have enabled Core-Tex to further grow in the rehabilitation and sports markets. The current model also offers an option to add a second handrail, which is beneficial for the rehabilitation facilities and older populations.

Over the last two years, the company has partnered with Dallas-based Cooper Fitness Center, the Training Station in Alameda, California, Purlife Fitness Center and Hive Performance in South Florida, among others. In addition, several collegiate and professional sports teams added Core-Tex to their athletic training facilities, including the University of Georgia, along with several MLB and NFL teams.

Other company milestones include:

2013 – Core-Tex named one of the 10 fitness trends in the U.K.
2015 – Total Gym Founder CEO Tom Campanaro joins the Reactive Training executive team as Equity Partner and Chief Strategist
2017 – Reactive Training founder Anthony Carey graduates from San Diego Sports Innovators Springboard program
2017 – Core-Tex is named finalist in Training and Conditioning Magazine’s ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award

Backed by customer demand, Reactive Training plans to bring its new product—Core-Tex Sit—to the market in Q2 2018, designed for daily use, to rehabilitate and condition the lower back, core and hips, while sitting. The patent pending motion of the Core-Tex Sit will allow for a controlled, dynamic sitting experience, providing benefits to the lower back, hips, core and pelvic floor. Core-Tex Sit will respond to any subtle shift in your weight and requires no batteries or electricity. The patented design allows the platform to tilt, slide and rotate all at the same time at just the right amount to keep the lower back, hips and core strong and mobile. The shape and motion of the Core-Tex Sit will help engage the inner core, whether using it in the home, office or school.

In addition, the company plans to launch a Golf-specific program to assist golfers in improving rotational mobility, strength and aid with injury prevention. This will entail taking the unlimited rotational component and reproducing golf movements that will increase range of motion and club head speed.

The Core-Tex is currently available in 17 countries through distribution partners and can be purchased directly from Reactive Training or its partners. For more information on Reactive Training and Core-Tex, visit


About Reactive Training

Reactive Training, LLC, is a San Diego-based, privately-held manufacturer of the Core-Tex. The Core-Tex is a reactive training device that combines razor sharp reaction, dynamic strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance into one design, creating the optimal training environment. It was specifically designed to provide a multi-dimensional reactive training challenge.

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