Centaur Adds Homogenous & Slip Resistant Surfaces to Its Product Line


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Lancaster, PA (May 24, 2017) – Centaur, a flooring brand that provides unique performance solutions for commercial applications, is proud to announce it has added five new homogeneous and slip resistant surfaces to its product line. The homogeneous line includes two products, Sandbar and Riptide, which feature heavy-duty marbleized surfaces that are ideal for heavily trafficked areas. The slip resistant line features three products, Kitchen Sink, High Dive, and Hall Pass, whose names match up to their intended applications.

Hall Pass features quartz crystals, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide particles for improved traction and safety underfoot and is ideal for general day-to-day applications. High Dive is durable slip resistant floor with a raised emboss for continually wet areas; and, Kitchen Sink, which also features quartz crystals, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide particles, is able to withstand high heat and oil and grease spills in commercial kitchens. All five of these products are manufactured by Polyflor, a company based in the United Kingdom that pioneered the production of resilient vinyl flooring, beginning in 1915. Centaur is the sole distributor of these five Polyflor surfaces in the U.S.

“Centaur is excited to provide our distributors with two new products families, so they can expand their reach in the marketplace,” said Mark Giuranna, Sales Director for Centaur.  “Our two homogenous products are available in 36 colors; and our slip resistant surfaces are available in 26 colors,” Giuranna said.

To learn more about Centaur’s new homogenous surfaces visit: http://www.centaurfloors.com/Homogeneous. To learn more about Centaur’s new slip resistant surfaces visit: http://www.centaurfloors.com/Slip-Resistant. 

About Centaur:

Centaur Floor Systems has been selling floor coverings since 1997. We offer unique surfaces that are functional and aesthetic. Our goal is to become your floor covering partner by offering you the best products, best service, and competitive pricing.

Centaur provides performance surfacing solutions for commercial applications. To learn more, visit http://www.centaurfloors.com/.

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