Amanda Vogel Joins AFS To Expand & Guide Social Media Activities


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(OAKLAND, CA, VANCOUVER, BC, November 9, 2017)  – Citing the significant and ongoing  growth in social media as a core marketing strategy, the Association of Fitness Studios today announced the addition of Amanda Vogel to head up AFS’ expanding social media activities.

A well known fitness industry social media guru, Ms. Vogel is owner of Active Voice, a fitness-specific writing, editing, and consulting company. Her authorship includes countless fitness themed articles for print and online publications, speaking presentations at virtually all major fitness conferences, and class leadership where she utilizes her fitpro certification and Masters degree in human kinetics.

All that said, her role with AFS will be primarily focused on social media to increase engagement with AFS’ relevant audiences, improve brand awareness, move the membership needle, and create exposure for additional AFS initiatives.

“We’re thrilled to be able to work with Amanda to expand and enhance our social media activities,” said Josh Leve, AFS founder and CEO. “She totally understands what makes the fitness industry tick while her experience and skill set are direct hits for our needs.”

Those needs include a revamping and updating of AFS’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and accounts, while connecting the dots between content and action. And while AFS brand awareness has been incredible in its first four years, there’s always room for improvement.

“I’m honored to have been selected by AFS to take over this vitally important marketing role,” said Vogel. “I’ve studied AFS’ activities, am impressed with their success to date, and look forward to building on that significant base.”

Effective immediately, Vogel will head up AFS social media management to achieve more effective use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for marketing, building a larger fan base, generating word of mouth, strengthening customer loyalty, and driving traffic.

About AFS

The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) is the only membership community dedicated solely to the business of fitness studios. AFS provides studio owners and developers a wide array of business-specific products, services, and benefits that enable them to more effectively manage and grow their businesses, building on the passion, compassion and courage they’ve already shown.

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