YMCA Takes Over Operation of Sarasota JCC

SARASOTA, FL -- The Flanzer JCC has now become a YMCA branch. Due to increasing operating costs and financial difficulties, the JCC turned the 70,000-square-foot center over to the Sarasota Family YMCA. After the center lost more than $200,000 in 2005, the JCC leadership felt like membership couldn’t increase fast enough to keep up with the rising maintenance costs and other expenses. The center, which is now called the Flanzer JCC/YMCA Branch of the Sarasota Family YMCA, plans to operate the facility like any other YMCA branch. Sarasota County YMCA members can use the fitness center, and Flanzer’s 3,000 members can visit the other YMCA branches. Four JCC employees were let go, and about 50 of the JCC employees retained their jobs, according to an article in the Herald-Tribune.

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