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Once the merger between the two Ys takes effect on Jan 1 the association will be known as the YMCA of Greater Louisville Photo by Thinkstock
<p>Once the merger between the two Ys takes effect on Jan. 1, the association will be known as the YMCA of Greater Louisville. (Photo by Thinkstock.)</p>

YMCA of Greater Louisville, YMCA of Southern Indiana to Merge

With their combined budgets, the merged association will become one of the 25 largest YMCAs in the country.

The YMCA of Greater Louisville and the YMCA of Southern Indiana will merge into one larger association after the boards of both Ys unanimously approved the agreement last week, the YMCAs announced.

With their combined budgets, the YMCA of Greater Louisville will become one of the 25 largest YMCAs in the country when the merger takes effect on Jan. 1, according to the announcement. The association will be joined together under the association name YMCA of Greater Louisville. The Greater Louisville President and CEO Steve Tarver will continue to serve as president and CEO. 

Between now and Jan. 1, final arrangements will be made for combining the boards of directors and some of the functions of the two associations. The merger is not expected to affect membership rates or staff levels going into 2016, according to the announcement. 

The merger will benefit both organizations by combining staff, volunteers, facilities and resources into a stronger association, the announcement noted.

Members with community-wide memberships will continue to enjoy facilities and programs at all 12 YMCAs in both Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana as they do now.

The announcement offered five reasons for the consolidation:

  • A growing trend toward regionalism in Greater Louisville that will be reinforced by completion of the Ohio River Bridges.
  • The two Ys have already been sharing many resources and services, including a community-wide membership that allows members to use the Louisville and Southern Indiana YMCAs. 
  • The YMCA has a history of effective administration, and this will provide greater effectiveness in the long term and enhance the services and programs that are provided on both sides of the river.
  • The two YMCAs have a shared mission and serve the same region.
  • Both YMCAs enjoy partnerships and collaborations with outside organizations.

"The story today is not about merger," Southern Indiana Board Chairman Martin Padgett said in the announcement. "The story is how can we come together as one community with one great mission? Both associations have strong reputations, a solid membership base and great staff. We look forward to seeing what value we can add to our memberships and how we can strengthen our communities by combining forces." 

The YMCA of Greater Louisville has 63,000 members, and the YMCA of Southern Indiana has 17,700 members. The total number of people served by the two YMCAs, including youth sports, child care, residential and day camps and other program participants, will exceed 250,000. 

Combined membership households for Southern Indiana and the YMCA of Greater Louisville will total just more than 25,000 households for a market penetration of 5.4 percent of the service area's 371,000 households. The combined budget will be about $54 million.

"It's an incredible day for the association," said Brad Smith, board chairman for the YMCA of Greater Louisville, after announcing the unanimous votes of both boards. "All YMCAs across the country are examining ways to have the most powerful and far-reaching impact. We are happy to be able to provide a solid model for how that can be achieved."

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