Salary Increase Highest for JCC Entry-Level

NEW YORK--The average pay increases for Jewish Community Center (JCC) employees exceeded the rate of inflation, according to the JCC’s first salary survey since 2003. The Florence G. Heller-JCC Association Research Center studied compensation for 39 full-time job categories from executive directors to facility managers. The chief financial officers from 77 JCCs reported information on 1,973 employees for the survey, which looked at gender, age, education, number of years working at the JCC and the size of the JCC. The survey showed that the executive directors were the highest paid with an earned average salary increase of 11 percent from 2003-2006 while entry-level workers’ salaries raised an average of 14 percent during the past three years. The study also found that while one-quarter of JCC executives are women, women are paid less than men despite comparable work experience and skills. When looking at the entry-level positions, however, the pay gap between men and women narrowed, according to the JCC.

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