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YMCA Activates Americans to Take 8 Billion Steps

WASHINGTON, DC -- More than 1,500 YMCAs participated in the YMCA of the USA’s America On the Move Week with the YMCA, Sept. 22-29. Ys across the country motivated 1.3 million people to take 8 billion steps during the week. The campaign, in partnership with the America On the Move Foundation, aims to educate and motivate people to make two small daily changes: add 2,000 steps and eat 100 fewer calories.

Ys hosted a variety of activities as part of the week, including organized walks, educational programs, and family health and well-being events. Ys in Washington promoted fitness at a large walking event led by Gov. Chris Gregoire at the Washington State Fair. In Attleboro, MA, the Y led a walk-ability assessment to gauge the walk-friendliness of its community. Residents of Winter Haven, FL, could log steps through seven days worth of free events, from walking to salsa dancing. The Y in Redwood City, CA, led one of its walks through a grocery store to talk about healthy eating. The Longmont, CO, Y encouraged school districts, corporations and other partner organizations to log 100 million steps.

“America On the Move Week with the YMCA provided a great catalyst for change in the communities we serve,” says Neil Nicoll, president and CEO of YMCA of the USA. “The results are encouraging, but we're still striving for the ultimate goal to make living an active and healthy lifestyle an every-day, every-week commitment.”

America On the Move Week is part of Activate America, the YMCA of the USA’s campaign to provide better opportunities for Americans of all ages who are struggling to achieve and maintain well-being of the spirit, mind and body.

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