WOW! It Feels Good to Give

Community service WOW! Work Out World-Style

WOW! Work Out World, a family-owned and -operated health club with five locations in New Jersey, held a community drive during the holiday season. Mary Jo Musselman, charity relations Wowzer, implemented an idea that would not only benefit the community, but would create excitement and fun amongst employees and members.

Charities in each club location, from family shelters to local food banks, were contacted, and a list of needed items was put together in a "scavenger hunt" theme. Each item received a "point" and the team that received the most "points" via their donations would earn the bragging rights to the "coveted" WOW! trophy. This resulted in a spirited competition between the clubs, encouraging everyone from staff through members to keep the donations piling up and the "team" focused on their charities.

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