What Trak Fitness Has to Say about Its Booth

What Trak Fitness Has to Say about Its Booth

A milestone in resistance training: Trak Fitness Corp.’s patent-pending Pro-line of cable accessories is the most functionally advanced and ergonomically correct cable attachments ever created. This cost-effective solution significantly improves the functionality of existing cable equipment as well as the effectiveness and versatility of any training program. The TrakHandle’s three rotational axes enable compound movements through multiple planes of motion, while reducing unnatural stress on joints and ligaments. The TrakHandle connects directly to any cable or any Trak Fitness pull bar, including the TrakRow, TrakBar24 and TrakBar42. Together, these three bars can be adjusted to any width between 9 inches and 42 inches, which allows any user to target any muscle group from any angle. The Trak Fitness Pro line of accessories adapts to the body’s natural physiology instead of the body adapting to the equipment and allows users to perform any exercise that their imagination can create and their body can perform.

About Trak Fitness Corp.: TrakFitness is creating ground-breaking improvements in the exercise equipment and training industry by developing ergonomically correct equipment and methods that compliment the natural physiology of the human body.

Booth No. 304


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