What Star Trac Has to Say about Its Booth

What Star Trac Has to Say about Its Booth

Star Trac’s success is driven by user-focused product innovations reflected in our complete line of cardiovascular and strength equipment, including the Star Trac Coach, a personalized treadmill workout led by a professional coach; the eSpinner, the newest Spinning innovation resulting from the long-running relationship between Star Trac and Mad Dogg Athletics; and the Inspiration Strength line that takes aesthetics, biomechanics and features to the next level. Experience our full offering of strength equipment with the revolutionary Lock N Load weight selection system and learn about the power of the Spinning program, the leader in group cycling. Star Trac has equipment to fulfill all the needs for your facility. Stop by our booth to find out more.

About Star Trac: Star Trac, a leader in developing advanced equipment for the fitness industry, focuses on providing products to mold lifelong habits for health and fitness.

Booth No. 809


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