What Retention Management Has to Say about Its Booth

What Retention Management Has to Say about Its Booth

Harness the power of e-mail with Retention Management. Retention Management provides innovative, intuitive and effective solutions to help clubs succeed.

Automated services that target every segment of your membership:

  • Personalized new member integration program
  • Supportive attendance driven emails including health and wellness information
  • Proactive follow up with low and non-users
  • Birthday and holiday greetings

Marketing services so you can target members, prospects and former members.

With Retention Management, you can drive sales and improve revenue with our broadcast e-mail engines.

  • Drive personal training and other ancillary revenue offerings
  • Jump start your referral program
  • Target your alumni members and hot lead prospects

And by using e-mail technology, there are no additional creative or postage costs.

Learn more about Retention Management by visiting our booth or by downloading the CI Mobile App.

About Retention Management: Retention Management is the automated communication solution that generates custom e-mails to members and prospects on a club’s behalf focusing on new member orientation, intuitive attrition defense and increasing revenues.

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