What MindBody Has to Say about Its Booth

What MindBody Has to Say about Its Booth

MindBody is making a big juicy splash at Club Industry this year. Come by our orchard (aka our booth) and do one of three things: 1. Pick a prize from our orange trees. 2. Eat some of our fresh MindBody-grown oranges. 3. Take a photo with our larger than life orange superstar.

This year, it’s all about our not-from-concentrate, awesomely delicious software features and how you can use them to juice up your biz. MindBody business management software offers “vitamin rich” online class, event and appointment scheduling, and client management, marketing and e-commerce solutions for your club. Through our cutting-edge web technology, you can link multiple locations seamlessly (and seedlessly), grow your non-dues revenue, cut billing costs and automate your administrative tasks. Juice up your profits by empowering your clients to manage their own schedules and buy memberships directly from your website.

About MindBody: MindBody Business Management Software offers online classes, event, and appointment scheduling, total client management, strategic marketing and ecommerce solutions for your business.

Booth No. 429


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