What Massaging Insoles by Wavewalkers Has to Say about Its Booth

Please visit Massaging Insoles by Wavewalkers. At our booth you will receive a free test walk of a product that will change the way you exercise. We sell a true liquid massaging insole. Our insoles have 15 times the shock protection of a gel insole, and they cushion even better. You and your clients can run and jump and save their joints the normal fatigue they would experience. Our insoles have a two-year replacement guarantee. We will replace them for you with no questions asked. Our insoles are also machine washable. We ask our customers to wash them on a regular basis because that will keep the insoles and their shoes fresher for longer. Please stop by booth number 1236 for your free test walk and see how your feet can really feel. Our motto is: if your feet are happy, so is the rest of your body.

About Massaging Insoles by Wavewalkers: At Massaging Insoles by Wavewalkers, we put the customers’ interests first. That is why we offer a two-year replacement guarantee at no extra charge.

Booth No. 1236


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