What HydroLux Has to Say about Its Booth

What HydroLux Has to Say about Its Booth

The HydroLux Dry Water Massage Bed relaxes you with its warm, soothing water jets without the inconvenience of disrobing.

The U.S. massage industry has exploded during the last few years, estimated to be an $11 billion industry. It has become main stream and affordable to everyone, which means massage companies are beginning to emerge in local markets around the country.

The HydroLux is the perfect fit for your fitness center. It is a great add-on to any existing monthly membership package, and our HydroLux Marketing Kit is a great way to generate new clients for your business. The HydroLux is easy to operate and requires no additional labor.

Regardless of whether your clients work out to stay fit and trim or work out to bulk up and gain muscle, the HydroLux massage is a perfect way for your clients to relax their exerted muscles after a workout.

About HydroLux: The HydroLux has been distributed worldwide since 1994. Our innovative technology combines dry water massage with the soothing effect of heat therapy. With this technology, we beat our competitors “hands down.”

Special Offer: Free HydroLux Dry Water Massage

Booth No. 638


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