What GymValet Has to Say about Its Booth

What GymValet Has to Say about Its Booth

Today’s exercisers demand clean equipment. GymValet is the solution. GymValet is the perfect holder for sanitizing spray bottles and towels. It attaches directly to all strength training and cardio equipment. With GymValet, sanitizing supplies are right where they should be—at every exerciser’s fingertips. GymValet: 1.) Saves money vs. paper towels and pre-moistened wipes—more than 10 times the savings, 2.) Is easy to install and easier to use. No tools required, 3.) Provides safety. When equipment surfaces are cleaned after each use, the chance of user-to-user germ and virus transmission is minimized, and 4.) Protects the environment by eliminating waste from paper towels and wipes. If you can’t afford to lose one member, you can afford the GymValet.

And, as an added bonus, GymValet makes it simple for you to one-stop-shop for the industry’s best supplies to complete your equipment sanitizing system—at great prices.

About GymValet: GymValet / B & D Specialty Concepts Inc. was founded by exercise physiologist Dr. Bruce Sherman to develop and provide creative product solutions for active people.

Booth No. 318


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