What ERC Wiping Products Has to Say about Its Booth

ERC Wiping Products Inc. offers three styles of low-cost fitness equipment wipes to keep your gym clean and safe for staff and guests. The three wipe options are all saturated with quat formulas and can be used on most surfaces as they do not contain benzyl-alcohol, citrus, bleach or phenol. Wipe rolls range from 700 to 1,500 wipes per roll and are offered as low as 2 cents per wipe. All options fit easily in all dispensers, including wall mounts, buckets, stainless steel stands and cleaning stations. ERC also offers workout and bath towels offered in several styles, sizes and colors. A popular choice is white hand and bath towels with a distinct color stripe down the middle to help prevent theft and loss of towels at facilities.

About ERC Wiping Products Inc.: ERC has been in business for nearly 90 years and is a leading supplier of workout and bath towels as well as fitness equipment wipes throughout the United States.

Show Special: Free iPod Shuffle for the first ten orders of more than $499 at Club Industry 2010.

Booth No. 1232


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