What EFX Performance Has to Say about Its Booth

What EFX Performance Has to Say about Its Booth

EFX Performance products work with the body’s bio-electric system to promote better balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. These four attributes are the cornerstones to all physical activities. Unlike other products that claim to have similar effects, EFX works instantly. With just a few simple tests, we can demonstrate how EFX works on anybody, which is why we always say, “Try Before You Buy.”

If you visit EFX at booth No. 1316, you will be able to get balance and strength tested. This will give you a firsthand look at how EFX works and help show you why more than one million people worldwide are wearing our products. Come by the EFX booth and feel the effects of EFX for yourself.

About EFX Performance Inc.: EFX Performance was founded in 2009 with the goal of promoting its holographic technology to encourage greater athletic performance and general wellness in its customers.

Booth No. 1316


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