What BiProUSA Has to Say about Its Booth

What BiProUSA Has to Say about Its Booth

BiProUSA will be featuring two whey protein isolates, BiPro and BioZzz. BiPro, now NSF-certified for sport, is a 100 percent natural, unflavored whey protein isolate. MLB, NHL, NFL and PGA are all using BiPro because it has successfully completed the requirements of NSF International’s athletic-banned substances certification program, Certified for Sport. BioZzz Alpha-lactalbumin, an all natural whey protein sleep supplement naturally rich in tryptophan, has been shown in studies to improve sleep quality and morning alertness.

Are you interested in reselling BiProUSA’s products? Learn about the BiProUSA Affiliate Program, offering you a discount of 30 percent. Do you want to save on shipping costs? Purchase your jar at the show and receive a show special available only to Club Industry attendees. Don’t forget to ask about our unique shaker cups

About BiProUSA: Best known for our ion exchange process, BiProUSA is the only unflavored, whey protein isolate company to receive NSF Sport Certification. Our aggressive, entrepreneurial vision has quickly established BiProUSA as the industry leader in whey proteins.

Special Event: Be sure to bring your business card to enter to win a free jar of BiPro.

Booth No. 643


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