What Aqua Massage Has to Say about Its Booth

What Aqua Massage Has to Say about Its Booth

Aqua Massage Systems offer a complete full-body foot to neck dry water massage experience while staying clothed and dry. No additional staff required, low maintenance with no plumbing.

By offering this system, you can gain more repeat customers, retain existing customers and receive excellent word of mouth referrals. You only need to sell it once since it’s a membership program.

The system can increase revenue and your members’ workout experience. You do not need a separate room for the system. Turbo performance is available for up to 65 psi, and the canopy provides privacy and warmth.

Try an Aqua Massage at Club Industry to see what you could offer your customers. If you like it, you know your customer will like it, too.

About Aqua Massage: Aqua Massage is the leader of the dry water massage revolution and offers the most complete line-up of premium massage systems with three models from which to choose. We have our systems in more than 75 countries and have been in business more than 20 years.

Booth No. 1225


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