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Weight Watchers new logo WW Photo courtesy WW.
WW CEO Mindy Grossman said the company is rebranding itself as a “technology experience company," which includes a partnership with digital meditation company Headspace to revamp the WW mobile app.

Weight Watchers Rebrands as WW, Will Focus on Wellness

The 55-year-old company will focus on overall wellness, not strict dieting, moving forward, starting with its new digital app, slated to launch Oct. 4.

Weight Watchers, New York, has changed its name to WW, the company announced on Sept. 24.

The 55-year-old company, traditionally focused on dieting and weight loss, will be focused on overall wellness moving forward. 

"Weight Watchers is moving to WW to be the global mark of wellness for everyone, beyond just weight," company CEO Mindy Grossman said in a Sept. 24 interview with Today. "[We will use] the tagline that affirms what we've been doing for the last 55 years: 'wellness that works.' We will never abdicate our leadership in the best, healthy-eating program for weight loss in the world, but we can be so much more today. We can inspire people for healthy habits to help them eat better, move better, use their mind to help support their efforts and really be about total wellness."

Grossman said the company is launching a campaign to brand itself as a “technology experience company.” This includes a partnership with London-based digital meditation company Headspace to develop an updated WW mobile app, which will launch on Oct. 4.

Through its app, WW will offer a rewards program called WellnessWins, allowing members to track nutrition and exercise. Activities generate "wins" that can be redeemed for products and services. WW is also revamping its FitPoints system to personalize tracking based on size, age and gender. It will specifically reward high-intensity training. Subscription-based wellness coaching services will also be available through the app.

Oprah Winfrey, a board member and 8 percent shareholder in the company, praised WW's rebranding in a statement to USA Today.

"From the moment I chose to invest in the company, I have believed that the role WW can play in people's lives goes far beyond a number on a scale," Winfrey said. "As Weight Watchers becomes WW, I believe we will continue to inspire people not only to eat well, but to move more, connect with others and continue to experience the joys of a healthy life."

WW recently launched a new community engagement platform called WW GOOD that held six free wellness festivals in major North American cites during the summer.

The company also recently named several brand ambassadors, including comedian Kevin Smith, musician DJ Khaled and chef Eric Greenspan.

WW has not yet announced if it will partner with health clubs as part of its new wellness strategy. The company did not immediately respond to Club Industry's request for comment.

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