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ASF International offers products and services that integrate with the technological advances of today. Increase your revenues through professional billing and collection work, implement the latest technology and develop a professional marketing campaign. ASF provides billing and processing services, ClubPRO 3000™ Interactive Management Software, tailored marketing programs, and more.
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The new Pure Pro Zero Sugar bar, from ABB, is a high-protein, low-carb bar that's also low in fat (only 3 grams) and total calories (240 calories). Each patent-pending, taste-test winning, chocolate-coated bar is formulated with ABB's exclusive 33g Amino Blast II protein, 11 to 12g Glycerol and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, for a complete protein bar.
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The Aqua Jogger buoyancy belt comfortably suspends the body at shoulder level at deep water. While breathing naturally above water, a person can move freely underwater and perform a multitude of workouts. Water offers clients an impact-free exercise that works out all major muscle groups. The Aqua Jogger product line also includes bells, gloves, runners and educational casettes and videos.
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Aqua Massage uses 36 computer-controlled jets to simulate a “finger-tip” massage without undressing or getting wet. The 10 to 15 min. massage features adjustable water pressure, temperature and pulsating frequency. Aqua Massage does not require plumbing, post-treatment clean-up, draining of the water or additional staff to operate.
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BroadcastVision enhances the overall workout experience for more than 17 million viewers a day worldwide, according to the company. Choose from three wireless Fitness Cinema systems (Fitness Cinema 900, Personal Fitness Cinema and Fitness Cinema FM) to attract new members, and increase retention and overall profits, says the company.
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Classic Woodworking, Inc.'s product line includes classic wood lockers. The advantages of these locker systems include factory direct package pricing, and they feature benches, towel drips and grooming stations.
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Concept II's products include the unique Indoor Rower, which provides a full-body, low impact workout that strengthens and tones legs, arms, back and abdominals, while giving users a great cardiovascular workout. Their Web site offers product information, as well as competitions, pace calculators, workout of the day, motivation and training programs, and customer resources.
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DirecTV Inc. is reportedly the nation's leading provider of digital television service, with more than 8.7 million customers, including customers subscribing to PrimeStar by DirecTV. The company offers access to more than 210 digital-quality channels, all with picture and sound so sharp and clear, you'll find it hard to believe you're watching the same TV set, states the company.
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The anti-skid, self-draining surface of Dri-Dek helps keep wet floors dry. Made from oxy-B1 vinyl, which fights the spread of infectious fungus and bacteria, Dri-Dek can be used in showers, locker rooms, pool areas and saunas. Snap the 12"×12". interlocking tiles together to the custom size of any surface. Trim it to fit wall-to-wall or around equipment.
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The Cybex Sports Treadmill's simple treadmill is designed specifically for the vertical market where low supervision and extreme ease-of-use are key product demands. The Cybex Sport features a rugged, fully welded steel frame, an elevation range of -2 to 15 percent and speeds up to 10 mph Cybex also offers cycles, steppers and a complete line of strength-training equipment.
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Exerflex supplies flooring for group exercise, cardiovascular and weight areas, martial arts, basketball and multipurpose areas and wet areas. Choose from aerobic, rubber or modular flooring. The rubber flooring comes in flecked rolls or tiles. The modular floors come with a choice of GooseBumps modular PVC multipurpose flooring, DojoTiles for shock absorption and shower tiles for wet areas.
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Hampton's Fusion Rotational Grip Plates feature ergonomic rotational grips, which allow for a smooth, fluid motion when lifting or moving the plates. The durable, solid rubber casing also gives Fusion a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look.
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Club Systems provides financial and member management services to the health club industry. Use the Validate Software to keep a database of member's bank account or credit card numbers and receive reports of drafted accounts or declined accounts. The software can also be used for adding new contracts, changing existing membership data and tracking payments.
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The International Fitness Club Network offers club memberships to employees of national and international corporations and health insurance companies. IFCN accesses a network of fitness clubs from national and international memberships where IFCN acts as each club's representative.
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IGX Strength Pro-Style dumbbells are assembled in America using an aircraft-quality 5/8-inch hex bolt tightened up to 300 psi, to ensure the highest level of safety and durability, states the company. Available with either hammertone gray iron or rubber-encased heads, all models feature precision-machined ASTM 1018 steel handles and Iron Grip's urethane end-caps with permanently engraved weight markings.
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Ivanko introduces its new rubber E-Z Lift Plates. These rubber plates feature Ivanko's exclusive patented E-Z Lift design. Ivanko's rubber E-Z Lift Plates will not crack, chip, flake, peel, rust or tear like cast-iron painted or other non-rubber plates. Because its plates are rubber, they won't damage floors or upholstery. They also won't dent or scratch equipment.
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Jacob's Ladder is a patented climbing machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill. An alternative to traditional climbers, treadmills and other aerobic devices, Jacob's Ladder provides a high-intensity cardiovascular workout in a relatively short amount of time. It places little stress on the back and eliminates the pounding that occurs in many forms of exercise.
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Kiefer Specialty Flooring supplies and installs athletic surfacing solutions such as Mondo Sport Surfaces, Connor Wood Systems and Prestige Artificial Turf. The Prestige System of synthetic turf is the newest addition to the Kiefer line. The system incorporates the latest infill technology and is backed by Tarkett Sommer turf manufacturers.
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Landice Treadmills have a 0.5 mph to 12 mph speed range, 15 percent grade electric elevation and a 3 hp continuous-duty drive motor. The VFX shock absorption system features a rust-free aluminum frame and a 1-in. thick reversible deck. The L8 Series has a 20 in.×63 in. four-ply treadbelt, 3½-in. diameter, 22 lb. steel rollers and a 500 lb. user weight capacity.
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Life Fitness designs and manufacturers fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. The cardiovascular line of treadmills, Lifecycle bikes, cross-trainers and stairclimbers offers digital heart rate monitoring, a wide range of resistance levels and easy-to-read consoles.
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The Magnum Fitness line consists of selectorized and plate-loaded units featuring biangular technology. Biangular technology provides multimotion movement that creates the least obstructive and safest path to generate torque from point A to point B so users won't have to define their own point of motion.
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The MembersFirst Web-based interactive member communications enables clubs to increase member retention, participation, satisfaction and club revenues while decreasing costs and building a sense of community. Using Web communication, e-mail a monthly event calendar, increase reservations for lessons and social events and introduce new classes and services without spending any money on postage.
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Originally formulated to treat critically ill patients suffering from life-threatening muscle wasting, professional athletes now use the Metamyosyn high-protein formula. The MET-Rx line includes high-protein nutritional drink mixes and food bars, whole food products, nutritional supplements and energy drinks.
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The Nautilus approach provides a weight training and body shaping alternative to free-weights. The Nautilus Nitro machine offers the same workout as the Nautilus 2ST in a more streamlined size. The Nitro comes with a 12-year original owner warranty for structural frame, welded moving parts and weight stack; a three-year original owner warranty on any moving part(s).
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RB Rubber Products' 100 percent rubber matting and surfacing are now available in rolls. These rolls offer complete anti-fatigue flooring for clients and equipment protection in high-traffic areas. The product are offered in solid black or with 17 percent flecks of gray, red, blue, green and blue/gray.
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Red Hot Marketing is now offering “free stuff” via its Web site. The “Where to Market Your Club” report helps club owners define their prospects for health club memberships due to their lifestyles, values and patterns. Also available is the “Using the Red Hot Five Step Sales Process” booklet and a write up that will improve converting “Guest Follow Up” into sales.
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The LeMond RevMaster group cycling program combines the outstanding aerobic benefits of group cycling with the excitement of world-class racing. The cycling training course includes a comprehensive workshop for up to eight instructors, intensive bike fit training and continuing education credits. The marketing kit includes videos, bike fit tools and numerous promotional items.
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The Schwinn Cycling Program evolved indoor cycling programs from a general cardiovascular workout to a focused and defined training ground. The shift in focus on the biomechanics of riding the IC bike, an understanding of cardiovascular systems, and a “coaching” philosophy helps participants achieve specific training goals.
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The new ShapeMaster “Easytone” consists of nine vertical stations. Each machine focuses on a major muscle group, and by controlled repetitive isokinetic and isotonic movements, effectively exercises specific muscle groups of the body, regardless of an individuals physical fitness profile.
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Sports and Fitness Insurance provides business package policies for health clubs, including professional liability property on an “all-risk” basis. The Great American Insurance Group and Gulf Insurance Group underwriting companies provide the coverage.
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The new line of Integra Body Sculpting products comprises six machines. Each product is designed to use closed kinetic chain movement, permitting functional conditioning. Specifically designed to address the needs of the women's market, the new machines effectively target the areas which women consistently state are their biggest challenges: hips, buttocks, and thighs.
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Stage Step offers dance and theatrical flooring, health, fitness and sports flooring and ballet barres and mirrors. Originally founded as a marketing, public relations and consulting firm to non-profit performing arts organizations, the Stage Step line of flooring evolved to cover floors, subfloor systems and floorcare products.
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Rubber products include Gorilla Mats for weight/cardio rooms, Mighty Lite Sport Mat for aerobics, DuroPave for weight and locker rooms, VersaMat for weight/cardio rooms, Cardio Flex Twin for aerobics and the Mighty Lite Dojo Mat.
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Providers of quality massage and spa equipment, Touch America has recently expanded its water product line. The company's new items include its Hydrotherapy Tub, Swiss Shower, Water Pillows and Contour Wet Table. Touch America also features spa accessories and educational products and seminars.
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York Barbell's G2 dual handle grip plates are functionally designed for both maneuverability and multiple use. This patented, unique contoured-handle concept allows for the G2 grip plates to be used alone to perform a variety of strength-building movements. The slotted design makes it easy to pick up, and an advanced interlocking feature allows more weights to be loaded and stored than traditional plates, according to the company.
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Visit the Weightlifters Warehouse for strength and fitness products. The Weightlifters Warehouse offers a complete line of bodybuilding, weightlifting, cardio, boxing and exercise equipment for home, school and organizational use. They also offer equipment target especially to women and physically challenged individuals.
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