Walk the Aisle:

There is nothing worse than wandering the aisles of your favorite store without a shopping list or some insight on some of the hottest products in stock. Well, if your favorite store just happens to be one of the biggest fitness trade show floors, it can be even more frustrating. Club Industry and several of the show's exhibitors decided to give you a row-by-row look at some of the hottest booths at the Club Industry 2003 show.

Just pull out this section and take it with you as you Walk the Aisle. Instead of wandering the trade show floor, you will walk with a purpose and direction that will allow you to make the most of your valuable time in Chicago. But, don't wait until the last minute. Pull it out early and map your course. [Leave some time in case one of the other great booths catches your attention on the way to your next stop.]

Happy Shopping!


The Polar BodyAge System

Introducing the Polar BodyAge System. This new system provides members with an in-depth analysis of their fitness level and translates it into a BodyAge. It then helps members lower their BodyAge with personalized exercise and nutrition programs. Ask us how to increase your personal training revenues with the Polar BodyAge System.

Polar M61 & M32 HRM's With WearLink

Introducing the New Polar M Series heart rate monitors with the revolutionary WearLink transmitter. The new M61 and M32 HRMs are designed to provide personal guidance and rewarding results. The new Polar WearLink is the first and only soft transmitter that's so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it. Its unique coded technology eliminates interference from other heart rate monitors in close proximity.

Polar Electro Inc.
Health Club Division
Phone: 800-290-6330 ext. 3092


BOOTH # 117

BroadcastVision Launches Cutting-Edge Portable Wireless System in The United States

Completely portable, Ewave is the next generation of wireless entertainment for your gym!

BroadcastVision introduces a truly cutting-edge technology with the Ewave portable wireless entertainment system. This latest audio entertainment solution delivers 10 to 20 channels of crystal clear CD-quality audio through just one access point transmitter! The Ewave system allows exercisers to hear television or any audio programs as they move freely around the gym, without plugging headphones in and out of exercise equipment. The portable module is sweat proof, installation is quick and easy, you can have an unlimited number of users, and the portable wireless modules provide 12 to 15 hours continuous operation with only a 3 to 4 hour recharge time! A state-of-the-art, interactive docking station allows modules to be securely docked and charged when not in use. Intelligent, new fingerprint scanning technology allows members to check out modules before their workout while tracking software monitors all users and ensures modules are returned; thereby preventing loss. For further information, please contact the BroadcastVision sales department at 800-770-9770. Be sure to visit our booth #235 at Club Industry to see this and other new fitness entertainment products!

5126 Clareton Drive, Ste. 160
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Phone: 800-770-9770
Fax: 818-879-9790


BOOTH # 235

Ramping — It's Cardio Reinvented!

Gin Miller presents the most exciting and new aerobic activity since Step Aerobics!

Gin Miller, the legendary creator of step aerobics, has reinvented cardio fitness with the revolutionary Ramping program. The Ramping program is the first cardio exercise to use a backward-dominated motion resulting in heavy focus on the back of the legs. Ramping techniques are performed on an inclined surface and are simple enough for anyone to join in, yet the range of available intensities provides more than enough challenge for the experienced exerciser. This fun, easy-to-learn, low impact activity attracts all ages and fitness levels and is sure to become a household name in the coming months.

The Ramp Company
P.O. Box 55742
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Phone: 800-900-7228

[email protected]

BOOTH # 255

For The Long Run

A product so different, so complete, so unlike any other, that it is a treadmill in name only.

Woodway is a global organization built on the efforts and commitment of dedicated professionals. Our purpose is to manufacture products and provide service that exceeds our customer's expectations through continuous improvements in quality and design.

Woodway treadmills are the only treadmills designed and built specifically for the human race. Featuring technology creates an advanced system, which is easier on bones, joints and muscles.

As Woodway moves forward, attention to product quality, innovation and customer service are at the forefront of our efforts. Along with our treadmills, other products, services and strategic relationships are being developed to keep Woodway on the leading edge as we meet fitness training, testing and rehabilitation needs.

That is Woodway… For the Long Run.

Woodway USA
W229 N591 Foster Ct.
Waukesha, WI 53186
Phone: 1-800-woodway
Phone: 1-800-966-3929
Fax: 262-548-6239

[email protected]

BOOTH # 301

Pedometers: Movement Works

Pedometers motivate users to be active because the cost is low, the data is accurate, and the feedback constant.

Health clubs and fitness centers stand to benefit greatly from the use of pedometers in three ways:

  • Financially as a source of profit
  • Increased participation as a result of personal motivation
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities related to walking
  • Walk4Life Inc., the premier supplier of pedometers to educators, developed a unique program for health clubs to profit and benefit from the use of pedometers. The Walk4Life pedometer series has been validated to within 1% of accuracy and has been used in several research programs including those at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School. Walk4Life invites you to contact them for more information or visit their website.

    12137 Rhea Drive
    Unit B
    Plainfield, IL 60544
    Phone: 1-888-422-1806


    BOOTH # 363

    SmartLink — Your Roadmap To Success!

    Connect the major elements of your business with the ASF SmartLink system and achieve greater success and control within your club.

    The ASF SmartLink system is a comprehensive network of products and services designed to help clubs run more efficiently through increased payment collections, prospect generation, decreased attrition, increased market share and digital integration.

    Stop by our booth for more information and demonstration on the following products and services we offer — and a FREE gift!

    Payment Processing
    ClubPRO 3000® Management Software
    Online Business Management
    Interactive Marketing Programs
    Web sites, and more

    ASF International
    640 Plaza Drive
    Suite 300
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
    Phone: 800-227-3859
    Fax: 303-914-2744

    [email protected]

    BOOTH # 431

    Conexion: The Ultimate Solution

    Conexion redefines state-of-the-art for integrated club management software and accounts receivable services.

    From the front desk to the back office Conexion puts everything you need to manage your club and maximize profits at your fingertips.

    With Conexion it's a breeze to handle member check-in, point-of-sale and scheduling. It's paperless, easy to learn and easy to use. Software and data are stored on Conexion's server — a secure protected environment available 24/7. There's no software to buy, no major investment in computers, no costly IT infrastructure.

    Conexion manages all accounts receivable activities and can increase a club's cash flow by 10% or more.

    Conexion is built upon a foundation of service and support and is designed to help you achieve maximum success. A personal account executive and a 24/7 help desk are always there for you.

    23 Fontana Lane
    Suite 111
    Baltimore, MD 21237
    Phone: 866-955-1234
    Fax: 410-780-3085

    e-mail: [email protected]

    BOOTH # 441

    Build Great Spaces. Get More Members.

    Give your members the experience they want.

    Our design philosophy is to create unique, diverse and well-conceived experiences within the built environment. From the master plan to the details, we believe that everyone should have an extraordinary feeling about being in our spaces. Fabiano manages the planning, design, and construction documentation process for all types of clients and facilities. The Fabiano team is made up of architects, designers, consultants, engineers and artists that can explore and communicate advanced design concepts with our clients. This process has produced ground-breaking designs that clearly cater to our clients' business success.

    Fabiano Designs
    6 South Fullerton Ave.
    Montclair, NJ 07042
    Phone: 973-746-5100
    Fax: 973-746-5103


    BOOTH # 454

    Magnum Introduces Exciting NEW Products

    Magnum will be introducing an exciting NEW line of selectorized machines at Club Industry as well as their INNOVATIVE NexStep recumbent stepper.

    Stop by Magnum's booth #517 and see for yourself the NEW Magnum strength line you've been waiting for. Magnum has more than 25 years of engineering experience culminating in an exceptional line of strength equipment.

    When you stop by the booth, check out and experience Magnum's NEW NexStep. With features and benefits that have never been offered in a step machine, users will appreciate the postural stabilization that provides biomedical integrity throughout every NexStep workout. Additionally, with 200 resistance variables, workouts can be individually tailored from rehab to the ultimate challenge.

    FREE NexStep*

    *Order any six NEW Magnum selectorized machines or any six Magnum cardio pieces at the show and get one ALL NEW NexStep FREE! (limit one per customer)

    Magnum Fitness Systems
    2201 12th Avenue
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172
    Phone: 800-372-0554
    Fax: 414-768-7047

    email: [email protected]

    BOOTH # 517

    A Free Workout on Us

    Come to the Muscle Marketing USA booth #657 and receive your free Creatine Serum sample.

    MMUSA's products have been formulated to be the safest and most effective creatine supplements available. Our products have been created to help all athletes achieve their fitness goals. We are proud to showcase our entire product line, which includes the world's first and only safe, stable liquid Creatine Serum, Creatine Fitness Drink, and our newest release — Creatine Gel Packs.

    Please come by booth #657 and take advantage of our limited ‘First Time Buyer Show Special’:

  • Place your 1st order on any MMUSA product and receive a cash back bonus
  • Place a 2nd order on any MMUSA product and receive another cash back bonus plus giveaways
  • This special expires on Oct. 11, 2003. Minimum order may apply.

    Muscle Marketing USA
    28230 Constellation Rd.
    Suite D
    Valencia, CA 91355
    Phone: 604-692-0660 (ext.168)
    Fax: 604-692-0668


    BOOTH # 657

    Long Lasting Equipment That Will Fit

    Dedicated to providing one-stop solutions designed for ease-of-use, safety and durability.

    New this year is The BODY CRUNCH. Truly amazing, this abdominal machine features our unique “assisted” movement (VLR Technology), which enables beginners and the deconditioned to train with a reduced load. It alleviates up to 20% of the user's body weight during the crunch movement. The Body Crunch provides adjustable footrest and handles to fit the widest range of body sizes.

    Returning is Body Cycle's successful line of indoor cycles including:

    THE CHAMP (helps kids learn healthy lifestyles while having fun)

    The AVENGER (fixed gear) stainless steel construction and fully adjustable to fit riders 4.5 feet to 7 feet

    The DEFENDER (free wheeler)

    The ENDEAVER (100% stainless steel construction)

    Millenium Fitness International is a worldwide supplier of commercial fitness equipment and the recipient of “Club Management & Marketing System's (CMS)” fitness equipment Vendor of the Year for 2003.

    Millenium Fitness International
    — Body Cycle
    63 Pointe Langlois
    Laval, Quebec, H7L 3J4
    Phone: 450-625-9590
    Fax: 450-625-9685


    BOOTH # 1141

    Increase your cash flow

    Do you need to gain access to cash fast? Did you know that selling your membership contracts is the quickest way to increase your cash flow without the hassles of a bank loan?

  • We purchase and or service membership contracts
  • 100% EFT ready with great service rates
  • Professional portfolio management
  • Fast approval times and daily funding
  • Front desk member management software
  • We have several funding and service plans that are sure to deliver the level of services and financial support that's right for your club. If you're looking for a funding source that has many years of experience in the fitness industry and shares the same passion that you do to succeed, then stop by our booth to discuss the endless possibilities of factoring your membership contracts.

    Fair Finance
    815 E. Market St.
    Akron, OH 44305
    Phone: 800-735-3247
    Fax: 330-367-2527


    BOOTH # 1263


    Founded in 1962, GERSTUNG is a prominent manufacturer of state-of-the-art floor systems that provide shock-absorbency and resiliency for physical activity, as well as movement and gymnastics equipment, and training devices.


    The most SHOCK ABSORBENT & RESILIENT floor in the industry


  • MAPLE, OAK, VINYL or CARPET SURFACES for Aerobics, Athletics, Gymnastics & Dance.

  • RUBBER FLOORING for Weight Rooms, Athletics, Skating & Golf Locker Rooms


    We provide all you need for your own youth fitness program!



    It's FUN to get in shape! Use it anywhere, any time.

  • SAFE
  • gerstung
    1400 Coppermine Terrace
    Baltimore, MD 21209
    Toll Free: 800-922-3575
    Local: 410-337-7781
    Fax: 410-337-0471
    Web address:
    Email: [email protected]

    BOOTH # 1265

    New Products


    Aeson Flooring Systems has introduced its Springstep IV professional floating wood subfloor. Springstep IV's tongue and groove system allows for easy construction. The lightweight, 6.5-pound panels can be installed in hours instead of days. No screws. No staples. No nails. No patching. No sanding. It's one-third the work with no tools required. The pre-fabricated OSB panels, with patented tongue and groove connection system, rest on high-density foam suspension cubes. With 25 foam blocks per panel, Springstep IV offers excellent energy absorption and resilience. Panels are sealed for water resistance. Contact: Aeson Flooring Systems, 2000 Hamilton St., Suite C200, Philadelphia, PA 19130; phone: 800-523-0960; fax 800-827-0508; e-mail: [email protected]; www.aesonflooring.com.
    Circle No. 110 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club


    FreeMotion Fitness will unveil the NordicTrack 9600 upright bike and 9600 elliptical trainer at this year's Club Industry Show. Each piece in the NordicTrack commercial cardio line is offered with a basic console or workout TV console — the industry's first integrated cable-ready TV console. Both the upright bike and elliptical trainer have self-generating electronics and feature ERS (Electromagnetic Resistance System) — a system applying resistance to the flywheel by way of electromagnets. The 9600 upright bike features 17 seat-height positions and self-leveling pedals. The elliptical trainer's rear access design eliminates the need for additional floor space between equipment for entry and exit and also has oversized footplates. Contact: FreeMotion Fitness, 1096 Elkton Dr., Ste. 600, Colorado Springs, CO 80907; phone: 877-363-8449 or 719-955-1100; fax: 719-955-1104; www.freemotionfitness.com.
    Circle No. 111 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club


    Life Fitness has introduced five newly redesigned single-station Duals in its Fit Series strength selectorized line: biceps/triceps, lat/low row, leg curl/extension, leg press/calf raise and multi press. Replacing previous models of the same names, these new units are complements to the Fit Series Fit 1 and Fit 3 Multi Gyms introduced in 2002 and provide facilities with maximum flexibility to customize strength offerings. Each piece sports a new tower design, including full rear shrouds and partial front shrouds, to create a family look. Space-efficient, the Duals offer multiple functionality in an easy-to-use, ergonomically and biomechanically correct platform. Contact: Life Fitness, 10601 West Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, Ill. 60131; phone: 847-288-3300; www.lifefitness.com.
    Circle No. 112 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club


    Magnum will be introducing a new line of selectorized machines and its NexStep recumbent stepper at the Club Industry show. Stop by Magnum's booth #517 to check out and experience Magnum's new NexStep. With features and benefits that have never been offered in a step machine, users will appreciate the postural stabilization that provides biomedical integrity throughout every NexStep workout. Additionally, with 200 resistance variables, workouts can be individually tailored from rehab to the ultimate challenge. Contact: Magnum, 2201 12th Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172; phone: 414-764-4068; 800-372-0554; fax: 414-768-7047; www.magnumfitness.com
    Circle No. 113 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club


    New Leaf Health & Fitness Products, a unit of Angeion Corp., is world renowned for innovation and excellence in patented metabolic measurement systems. Used for more than 25 years to assist in conditioning athletes and those in the Space program, now it's available to the health, wellness and fitness markets who want to deliver weight loss, cardio fitness and performance enhancement programs for their clients. The New Leaf Weight Loss Training Program will help deliver the results your clients desire. Contact: New Leaf Health & Fitness Products, 350 Oak Grove Pkwy, St. Paul, MN 55127; phone: 888-826-2751; fax: 651-484-8941; www.newleaf-online.com.
    Circle No. 114 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club


    Precor makes it a snap to design a home gym or a fitness facility with the online Precor Space Planner, www.precor.com/spaceplanner. Featuring top-view layouts of room spaces, furniture and the full range of Precor home and club equipment, the drag-and-drop tool lets users place and move furniture and Precor equipment around a room without breaking a sweat. Icons representing every piece of Precor home and club equipment can be dropped into the customizable room grid, along with a range of architectural objects such as doorways, windows, wall outlets and floor vents. The grid begins as a rectangular shape; internal walls can be added to represent irregularly shaped rooms, as well. Drawings can be printed on a standard page or sent via e-mail as attachments. Contact: Precor Inc., 20031 142nd Ave., NE P.O. Box 7202 Woodinville, WA 98072-4002; phone: 800-786-8404; www.precor.com.
    Circle No. 115 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club


    SCIFIT has introduced a new and unique stretching tool, the StretchRite trainer. This extension of its product line helps complete SCIFIT's commitment to total fitness. Flexibility is a vital component to good health and the StretchRite makes it easier to get results. Added to any SCIFIT strength and cardio program (such as SCIFIT Express and Fit-Quik), StretchRite completes a balanced fitness program. The proprietary features allow the user to improve flexibility by changing handgrip positions giving immediate visual feedback on improvement. The SCIFIT StretchRite can help remove tightness, increase flexibility, and help recover from workouts faster. Tension may be increased by changing handgrip position. Each StretchRite comes with a foldout personal training guide. Contact: SCIFIT, 5151 S. 110th E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146; phone: 800-852-6869; www.scifit.com.
    Circle No. 116 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club


    Walk4Life's newest pedometers — Neo 2500 Walkin' Buddy series — are available in eight neon-glow colors and are made with a durable plastic known for crack and shatter resistance. In addition to being designed with colors to excite physical education students, the rugged units have a large digital display, a delayed reset button to prevent accidental loss of information and a single button to adjust all settings. The colors are blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange, hot pink and ice white. The bright color is a result of the high-quality plastic, which has a high gloss that makes the colors even brighter. Contact: Walk4Life Inc., 12137 Rhea Dr., Unit B, Plainfield, IL 60544; phone: 888-422-1806, www.walk4life.com
    Circle No. 117 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club


    FreeMotion Fitness has released seven additions to the EPIC Strength selectorized line of strength training equipment to be unveiled at the 2003 Club Industry trade show in Chicago, Oct. 9-11. The additions include: bicep, tricep, shoulder, fly/rear delt, hip adduction/abduction, leg press, and abdominal machines. EPIC Strength selectorized and free weight lines provide complementary tools to the original FreeMotion circuit. Patent-pending technologies of the EPIC Strength line include CAM2 and LM (Lateral Movement) technologies. The CAM2 feature offers two cam settings. Users may perform traditional exercises or high-speed, low weight repetitions avoiding weight stack flyaway. LM technology offers users comfort during their workout with independently sliding pads or handles for more natural movements throughout the exercise. Contact: FreeMotion Fitness, 1096 Elkton Dr., Ste. 600, Colorado Springs, CO 80907; phone: 877-363-8449 or 719-955-1100; fax: 719-955-1104; www.freemotionfitness.com.
    Circle No. 118 or visit freeproductinfo.net/club

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