Utah State Updates Flooring


LOGAN, UT — Student activities continued without disruption and two gyms remained open while new sports flooring was installed in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building (HPER) at Utah State University in Logan, UT, thanks to careful planning.

Usage demand for the 50,000-square-foot facility on the main campus had increased so much that university administrators decided to replace the 30-year-old maintenance-intensive hardwood floor with sports flooring. Utah State Facility Planning Director Stanley Kane says the project was challenging because of limited time and the fact that HPER gets between 2,000 and 3,000 daily visits from the 25,000 students attending the university.

“One problem we faced was that the time between classes ending in May and summer camps beginning in June left only six weeks to re-surface or replace the entire floor system in four multipurpose gymnasium rooms and six racquetball courts,” explains Kane. “The process involved getting buy-in from the facility managers who were excited to improve the quality of the playing surface.”

As soon as the spring semester ended, the flooring was installed without disrupting student recreation.

The HPER 50,000-square-foot building also features 20 faculty offices, eight classrooms, two advising offices, three multipurpose studios, a gymnastics room, two swimming pools, three multipurpose gymnasiums, a weight room, six raquetball courts, and 14 outdoor tennis courts.

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