TV Gets Physical With Bodybuilding Programming

ST. LOUIS — For years the world of bodybuilding has been relatively ignored by mainstream media — with the notable exception of Pumping Iron or an Arnold movie or two — now, Physical.TV, under an exclusive, five-year worldwide television production agreement with the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB), has launched the first in its 2002 series of programs aimed at the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

With the airing of its production of the Mr. Olympia competition on Fox Sports Net last month, Physical.TV brought audiences into the world of men's bodybuilding and women's fitness competitions. This one-hour program showcased the world's top male bodybuilders as they vied for the title of Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas last October.

Perhaps, most importantly for our industry, Physical.TV takes viewers into the gym with some of the world's top bodybuilders to give them an insider's look at these world-class athletes as they go through their training — providing a natural tie-in with health clubs.

“We have done research and found that there is an immediate impulse by people that see this programming to want to get in better shape. We aren't talking competitive bodybuilders only, it cuts across wide demographics,” said Richard W. Enlow, CEO of Physical.TV. “We see a perfect strategic alliance with health club chains that can let members know we are out there-and for potential members to find local gyms after seeing the great athletes on the programming.” This would be done through P.O.P displays and posters and interactive items such as zip code generated club finders on the company's Web site, and more.

“These types of marketing partnerships would be mutually beneficial and could be done with the largest chain down to a one-club operation,” said Enlow. “We will be on consistently with major events. Additionally we are working on a sports-reality show that has gotten great interest from both the network and advertisers. The sport of bodybuilding and the healthy lifestyle have never had an avenue like this before. It is very exciting for all of us in the fitness industry.”

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