Trivia Contest Rules and Prizes


Each Newsbeat e-newsletter from April 11, 2005 to Sept. 1, 2005 will contain a trivia question relating to the fitness industry.

The first subscriber to answer the question correctly via e-mail will win a Club Industry’s Fitness Business Pro T-shirt. An individual can win only once in this contest.

Each of those winners will then be entered into a drawing to be held on Sept. 1, 2005, for one of three free registrations to the Club Industry show (value of $400). Winners of this drawing will be notified of their win by e-mail on Sept. 1, 2005.

The names of winners for each question will be listed in the next Newsbeat e-newsletter, in the next issue of Club Industry’s Fitness Business Pro magazine, and on this Web site.

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Dates of each Newsbeat E-newsletter
to Include a Trivia Question

  • April 11
  • April 20
  • May 2
  • May 10
  • May 20
  • June 1
  • June 10
  • June 20
  • July 1
  • July 11
  • July 20
  • August 1
  • August 10
  • August 19
  • Sept. 1

    April 11 winner - Doug Kortemeyer

    Question: In what building and year was the first Club Industry show held?

    Winning answer: Chicago Hilton & Towers, 1986

    April 20 Winner - Jason Mart, Renosys

    Question: What movement in England in the 1850s led the YMCA to begin incorporating physical recreation into its curriculum?

    Winning Answer: Muscular Christianity

    May 2 Winner - Ronda Gates, Lifestyles by Ronda Gates

    Question: In the late 1850s, George Barker Windship preached about the benefits of weight lifting, but what happened to him that gave detractors of weight lifting ammunition to temporarily quell interest in weight training?

    Winning Answer: He died of a stroke at age 42.

    May 10 Winner - Kathleen Kuryliw, IPLAYCO

    Question: Bally Total Fitness evolved from what gaming equipment company?

    Winning Answer: Bally Manufacturing, a company specializing in gaming equipment, bought Dave Wildman's group of clubs in the early 1990s and became Bally Entertainment.

    May 20 Winner - Dave Garfinkel, Workout4Life Health Clubs

    Question: Before the invention of modern leg machines, what type of "boot" did many exercisers use to do their leg exercises?

    Winning Answer: The Iron Boot.

    June 1 Winner - Brian L. Katz, CPRP, director at the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Willoughby, OH

    Question: What temperance lecturer also became a physical education pioneer with his popular book The New Gymnastics for Men, Women, and Children in 1864?

    Winning Answer: Dio Lewis.

    June 10 Winner - Eric Woods, Bar Code Systems Integrator

    Question: What nickname was given to Abbye Eville Stockton, pioneer of women's weight lifting?

    Winning Answer: Pudgy.

    June 20 Winner - Angela Lee , Full Court Fitness in Austin, TX

    Question: In the 1950s, American children fared more poorly than European children on the Minimum Muscular Fitness Tests in Children. These results led President Eisenhower to establish what organization to encourage physical fitness in children (please give its original name, not its current name)?

    Winning Answer: President's Council on Youth Fitness

    July 1 Winner - Bob Thomas of Life Time Fitness

    Question: What was the name of the clubs that Ray Wilson and Bob Delmontique opened in the 1950s, building the chain up to 300 clubs by the decade's end?

    Winning Answer: American Health Clubs

    July 10 Winner - Chris Eubanks of Glacier Hills

    Question: The film, "Pumping Iron," chronicled preparation by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Lou Ferrigno and others for the Mr. Olympia contest that was held in which year and what city?

    Winning Answer: 1975 in Pretoria, South Africa

    July 20 Winner - Darlene Nicholson of Evansville, IN

    Question: President Kennedy often spoke about the need for Americans to improve their fitness levels, even writing an article titled, "The Soft American," that was published in what magazine?

    Winning Answer: Sports Illustrated

    August 1 Winner - Jay M. Dennis, owner of Liberty Fitness of Fairfield

    Question: What was the only other state besides Illinois to host a Club Industry show (excluding the Club Industry East shows)?

    Winning Answer: California

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