States in Which Health Clubs Are Closed Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Closed Sign
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States Closing Health Clubs (as of March 20, 2020)

(Original list created by IHRSA and can be found hereList updated by Club Industry after March 18, 2020.)


California - CLOSED


Connecticut CLOSED

District of Columbia - CLOSED

Florida - According to news sources, Miami-Dade County has barred gatherings of 10 or more people

Illinois - According to news sources, gatherings of 50 people or more are prohibited

Indiana - According to news sources, Indianapolis and Marion County gyms closed


Kentucky - CLOSED

Louisiana - CLOSED

Maryland - CLOSED

Massachusetts - Gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited

Michigan - CLOSED

Minnesota - CLOSED

Montana - According to news sources, gyms closed in Butte and Helena

Nevada - Gyms closed in Reno

New Jersey - CLOSED

New York - CLOSED


Oklahoma - According to news sources, Oklahoma City gyms closed

Oregon - Gatherings of 25 or more people are prohibited, governor urges gyms to close

Pennsylvania - CLOSED

Texas - According to news sources, Dallas County gyms closed

Virginia - Gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited

Washington - CLOSED

Wisconsin - Gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited

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