Slim and Tone Offers Core 4 Program


Yardley, PA-- Slim and Tone, a franchise of express workout clubs for women, has launched Core 4, a new training program. The program is designed to provide a more comprehensive workout to women without sacrificing the simplicity of the 30-minute time commitment. Balanced across four key elements of health and fitness -- endurance, strength, flexibility and nutrition -- the Core 4 workout allows women to realize better health and wellness regardless of age or fitness ability.

Designed specifically for Slim and Tone, Core 4 addresses the central components integral to complete fitness: cardiovascular exercise (using running boards, aerobic steps and other cardio stations); building strength (using hydraulic machines, Dynabands, free weights, and exercise balls – each addressing different muscle groups); stretching muscles to improve flexibility; and a nutrition component which includes the NutriSystem Nourish weight loss program. NutriSystem purchased Slim and Tone in earlier this year.

“What makes Core 4 so exciting is that it completely changes the ‘one size fits all’ trap that many 30-minute workouts have fallen into,” said Betsy Ludlow, president and founder of Slim and Tone. “By creating personalized programs based on individual needs and abilities, Core 4 provides customized training that progresses with the member over time—as results are achieved. This is the best way to avoid boredom and plateauing.”

Before starting the Core 4 fitness program, members receive a body composition analysis and fitness assessment from a certified Slim and Tone trainer to identify their areas of strengths and needs. Their target heart rate is also determined to insure that each person exercises at a pace that allows them to safely and effectively build cardiovascular endurance and burn fat/calories. The trainer will then design and recommend a personalized workout program that takes into account these specific needs and the goals of the members.

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