Shenrobics Offers New Approach To Exercise

A new health and fitness concept is popping up in Central Florida exercise studios, according to Local 6 News.

Shenrobics, which is a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates is now being taught at Celebration Health in Celebration, Fla.

Margie Arrazola said that she tried various exercise routines without much luck before trying shenrobics. She said that it has changed her life.

I've given up everything else," Arrazola said. "Lets just say that because this is really what I want to do it just makes me feel good. I know I feel good. I have so much energy."

Shenrobics instructor Nancy Bankston is currently one of the few instructors in the country teaching classes.

Bankston turned to shenrobics full time when her body was breaking down.

"I have completely transformed my life to teach this," Bankston said.

She said that the exercise program is for everyone.

Local 6 News reported that the program's name explains the concept: "shen" means spirit and "robics" – the root word for breath.

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