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For years, SportsArt's reputation was that of building high-quality, dependable, but largely unexciting products (in fact, SportsArt was presented the 2001 Health and Fitness Business Excellence in Commercial Customer Service Award). All that changed in late 2001 when it introduced its breakthrough 8300 total body elliptical trainer. This product embodies a commitment to innovation as it features patented adjustable stride — an industry first! This feature has been hugely popular with facility directors and users alike as it allows every user the ability to custom fit the stride length to fit their individual gait. Another patented feature is the electronic controls built right into the handle — the ability to change stride length and/or resistance level is at your fingertips! You couldn't ask for two better features to enhance the user's experience.

While the 8300 was busy shaking up the industry (and setting sales records), the engineers at SportsArt were hard at work developing equally impressive innovations for its new line of commercial treadmills. Introduced in late 2002, the 6300 Series features not only industry-leading specs, values and features, but also two breakthroughs — the FlowTec System and the CardioAdvisor.

FlowTec is an integrated venting, turbine fan, and filtering system that keeps the motor and electronic circuitry clean and cool. A filter placed ahead of the front roller catches debris and larger particles coming off of the belt and keeps them from entering the motor compartment. The integrated side vents, combined with the turbine fan, facilitate significant air exchange to aid in cooling and the evacuation of particulates too fine to be captured by the filtering system. A cooler running motor can deliver power more efficiently and it's vital internal parts last longer, which are essentially the same benefits that are derived by having cooler, cleaner electronics.

CardioAdvisor is an innovative approach to heart rate training. Once the user has entered his or her age, the top three CardioAdvisor LED windows will automatically show the weight loss target goal (65 percent), the cardio training target (80 percent), and the mid-point heart rate (72 ½ percent). The fourth window shows the real time heart rate, either by using the contact grips or by telemetry. The high, low and mid targets are on display during your entire workout so at any time you can gauge your actual heart rate vs. your various goals. What a great way to eliminate guesswork and maximize the efficiency of your heart rate training!

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